August 10, 2022

Beat Schermerhorn

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Last-minute gift ideas for outdoors enthusiasts

Looking for, let us say, “thrifty” essentials options for last-minute Christmas gifts for that outdoor enthusiast on your list?

Here’s a trio of ideas based on years of self-inflicted, life-threatening experiences.

Filleting glove(s)

Do you know someone, probably nicknamed “Lefty,” who’s lethally challenged in their blade-handling skills?

Not to mention any names, but someone such as an outdoor columnist who cut the tip off of their left thumb while working part time at a Santa Barbara leather-goods factory while in college?

It brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “I left a little part of me at Styled Steer.”

I digress.

Before my first trip to Alaska, I was told to pack one of these cut-resistant gloves for assembly-line filleting and fish-cleaning at the lodge.