ReadWriteWeb (2011): “One of the biggest gaming platforms around” – “Launched in 2005, it was about three years before the founders decided to monetize the site, but more than five years before they began to roll out microtransactions. Since then, Robux have grown into the most important part of the games, and now make up over a third of all revenues.” – “It would be fair to say that Roblox’s explosive growth over the past couple of years has caught everyone by surprise, not least the developers who’ve been working on the platform. At the start of the new decade, developer Erik Cassel estimated that there were only about 800 people working on the game… today there are roughly 10,000.” –

Wikipedia (2020): “Roblox is a free online social platform where users can create their own games using a point-and-click interface and can join game servers that other users have created.” – “In a typical Roblox game, users pick a character (represented by a cartoon avatar) to move around a 3D environment using a virtual keyboard and mouse. They can customize these avatars with clothes, weapons and accessories and share their creations with other users and other players’ viewers. Roblox provides a multiplayer gaming environment for players to either collaborate on each other’s creations (coder-controlled) or to compete against each other by completing tasks or goals. The environment is largely populated by game servers of various genres, such as games with friends or based on existing games and franchises. While gameplay is its primary feature, Roblox also offers mobile apps and web browsers, and a variety of social features for users to interact with their friends and other users.” – “Roblox has released four separate “generation” of its platform. The first, dubbed “Mighty Eagle,” was launched in 2007. Following the release of this first version, Roblox partnered with the non-profit Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3) in 2008. The second, “Builders Club,” launched in 2009. During this time, the platform made minor enhancements to the user interface and added new features. Roblox’s third release, dubbed “Towns,” launched in 2010. This version featured a number of improvements over its predecessors. The fourth and newest generation, “Studio,” was released in 2018.” – “Roblox began as a hobby to the co-founders David Baszucki and Erik Cassel


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