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How to use array as key?

I want to use a array of parameters as key to fill a model. I found out that in my example below, any values not in the array will not be set to the model.
public function actionSomeAction($param1, $param2, $param3)
$values = array(‘param1’ => $param1, ‘param2’ => $param2, ‘param3’ => $param3);

$this->session->setFlash(‘message’, ‘Message’);
$model = $this->someModel->create();

if($model->validate()) {
$this->messageManager->addSuccessMessage(‘Data saved’);
} else {
$this->messageManager->addErrorMessage(‘Some error’);

return $this->render(‘someView’,array(‘model’ => $model));

I’ve tried to get an example from a tutorial to work but the same behavior. Maybe this is only an issue of the structure of the data, or is there something i’m missing here?


You’ll get that issue if you try to set the ID with the array of values, like this:
$model->fill(array(‘param1’ => $param1, ‘param2’ => $param2, ‘param3’ => $param3, ‘id’ => $id));


You might be running into a known issue in CakePHP where they use ids without the id field in models that use the ID field in the database.
You can find more information on this at

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Thank you very much to your articles, you’re completely right!


You’ve just downloaded the Mac version from Apple, which is not the same as the Windows version. The “xforce-macosx-v1.0.zip” file you downloaded is definitely a Windows version.
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When this finishes, you should be able to double-click on the Autodesk product. It’s that simple.

When you say “closed”, I’m not sure I understand what you mean. How is this different from Windows? Are you familiar with the Windows command prompt, or DOS?

Basically, as soon as you download a file from the internet, if it’s not an EXE file or a.DLL file, it’s probably a Zip file. Now the question is, what do you want to do with it?
If you mean you want to execute that Zip file, then you need the right program (Windows or Mac), then it’s like this:
1. From the folder where you downloaded the file, you can first unzip the file. With Zip files, they’re usually small, so this will take a lot of time. It’s always good to use a unzip program (File > Directory > unzip) to unzip the Zip file.
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