List of Seafood Beneficial for Health


At this time we can discuss about the list of seafood that is beneficial for health. Here is the list:


Anchovies or anchovies contain high levels of calcium and fluorine in the form of CaF2 compounds. Because they are easily damaged, usually anchovies can be preserved by salting them. You don’t need to worry, in the process of cooking or preserving jengki anchovies, the CaF2 level in it cannot change at all. In addition, anchovies contain vitamin A which helps protect eye health. Anchovies also contain fluoride, omega 3, protein, and also iron. Omega 3 can reduce the level of inflammation and infection so that the freshness of your oral cavity can be maintained.


Not to forget, squid is one of the seafood that has a role to keep teeth and bones healthy. The minerals contained in squid can strengthen and renew bone cells so they are young again. In addition, squid is an efficient source of zinc which increases the body’s immune system. Meanwhile, squid’s natural magnesium nutrition is known to provide additional muscle and nerve relaxation. Finally, the benefits of selenium come from squid, which is useful as an antioxidant which can reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.


Indeed, eating this seafood is quite busy because the shell is in almost all parts of its body. However, crabs are still a favorite of many people. Besides being delicious, this is no less rich in nutrients that are good for you. This seafood contains nutrients needed to form hemoglobin in red blood cells, such as folate, iron, and vitamin B12. When hemoglobin is balanced, the risk of developing anemia is reduced. Crab is also rich in the amino acid glutamic acid. Later, this amino acid can be converted by the body into glutamate. Glutamate helps nerve cells adapt messages from other cells. Experts suspect that this work step could be supporting the learning and memory process.


Seaweed or seaweed contains large quantities of calcium and vitamin K. The calcium content derived from seaweed is five times greater than that contained in milk. Then, the vitamin K contained in a serving of seaweed was found to be more than the dose in broccoli.

On the surface of the seaweed, there are also bacteria that can reduce the formation of dental plaque. Enzymes derived from Bacillus licheniformis contained in this seaweed plant help reduce the causes of cavities and function as probiotic bacteria.


Of all types of seafood, mackerel is a food source that has the highest vitamin D content. Benefits of vitamin D can be contained in pieces of mackerel fillets along with the skin and bones.

Vitamin D is needed by the body to absorb calcium and also helps keep bones and teeth healthy. Mackerel fish is rich in vitamin B12 which has the benefit of preventing canker sores or sores in the mouth. Not only that, the meat of this fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, namely EPA and DHA, which are in the form of anti-inflammatory substances. Consuming mackerel once a week can increase the body’s immunity and also protect the health of bones and teeth.

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