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78th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)

The 78th Infantry Division () was a German division in the Wehrmacht during World War II.

Operational history
The 78th Infantry Division was formed on 30 May 1934 in Berlin from the Infantry Regiment Nr. 49 (now II. Abteilung – 2./IR 49) in Hennstedt and the Infantry Regiment Nr. 51 (now 3. Abteilung – 3./IR 51) in Schönebeck in Pomerania.

The Division served on the Eastern Front, as a standard infantry division, in The Invasion of Poland and then in World War II, where it saw action in the Battle of France, Operation Barbarossa and the Siege of Leningrad. During the Battle of Berlin, it was destroyed during the airlift. After that action, it was incorporated into the 352. Infanterie-Division and reformed.

Obersturmbannführer Ingolf Schmidt (May 1934 – 15 December 1937)
Generalmajor Magnus von Haltendorf (15 December 1937 – 6 June 1938)
Obersturmbannführer Max Fliegel (6 June 1938 – 15 March 1940)
Generalleutnant (15 March 1940 – 20 October 1940)
Generalmajor (20 October 1940 – 13 June 1941)
Generalmajor. (13 June 1941 – 27 January 1942)
Generalmajor (27 January – 4 April 1942)
Generalleutnant (4 April – 1 November 1942)
Generalleutnant (1 November 1942 – 17 November 1943)
Generalleutnant (17 November 1943 – 20 May 1944)
Generalleutnant (20 May – 1 June 1944)
Generalleutnant. (1 June – 18 June 1944)
Generalleutnant (18 June – 29 July 1944)
Generalleutnant (29 July – 27 August 1944)
Generalleutnant (27 August 1944 – 15 October 1944)
Generalleutnant (15 October 1944 – 2 January 1945)
Generalleutnant. (2 January 1945 – 2 April 1945)

Area of operations
The 78th Infantry Division was assigned to the XXXXI Corps and participated in the Polish Campaign. For its actions during the Polish Campaign, the Division received the 1939 Virtuti Militari as its battle honor.