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After a game, what is the best place to do selenium tests if I would like to compare the real browser against a rendering?

I am creating a game but I need to compare some rendering against the rendered screenshot. Should I use selenium to capture the screenshot and post it to a webpage to compare against the rendering?


What you could also do is open a console (ctrl+shift+K) and capture an image that is the same resolution that the game is. You can then crop it down.
For example, the following image is from the game Trolly Ride! You can see the game view in the top right of the screenshot.

You can then crop it down to make it fit perfectly. This would be better than going through and applying a whole bunch of offsets to the image.

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Google Play Store: Free Download for your Android smartphone & tablet. This is the place for all of the apps you want to use on your PC, and also for all of the apps that you want to use on your iPhone, Android, or Kindle Fire devices. We gather all of the best apps in one place to make your life easier.Ruminations of an ordinary man with a big God.

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