For a long time, the home improvement field has been a messy, unreliable
business. However,


has made its debut and is radically changing the industry.

Today, many platforms encourage “a race to the bottom.” When they get a
lead, they sell it to multiple contractors, who then compete against each
other for the business. The competition primarily revolves around pricing,
leading contractors to compromise on quality by lowering material and work

Additionally, contractors often use “bait and switch” tactics, figuring that
once they get in the door, they will be able to add costs later. In other
words, they will quote one price to get the job, but as the job progresses,
they will suddenly discover something that makes the project more expensive.

Finally, these platforms also tend to mismatch contractors with clients,
offering contractors who might be able to do part of what the client asks
for but aren’t capable of completing the entire job. Then there is the
well-known problem of “scam contractors,” who simply take a deposit and
either disappear or are so disorganized they take forever to complete the

Finding a reliable and reputable contractor to cut costs

Consumers can avoid all these pitfalls by finding a reliable and reputable
contractor on


who will do a great job at a fair price. HomeBuddy takes a different
approach, where they connect every quote request with only one great quality
contractor who will give them a fair price for quality work and service.

This approach makes for a successful experience because it makes contractors

After all, they can be proud of the work they do and do it well without
cutting corners, so consumers get a great experience at a fair price.

Limited - HomeBuddyV2

This is why HomeBuddy’s business has taken the contracting industry by

Clients can request the service they are looking for, and then


algorithm will pair them with an available contractor that fits their needs.
All HomeBuddy
contractors are vetted through extensive background checks. This approach
has disrupted the home improvement industry, which is dominated by older
companies stuck in their ways and has failed to modernize.

The platform is also very user-friendly. To get started on HomeBuddy,
visitors simply need to share project details on the website.

HomeBuddy’s three-step process

facilitates this by offering a set of questions that guide users in defining
the scope of their home improvement project. After completing this step,
HomeBuddy employs its matching algorithm to connect homeowners with the most
suitable local contractors for the job. The final step involves homeowners
receiving a quotation from the matched contractor.

This straightforward, three-step process streamlines the search for the
perfect contractors for home improvements.

Click here to get started and find the perfect pro for your walk-in
shower project.

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