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Mi Cloud Cmd Mode Edl

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Are these commands are the same as fastboot EDL mode used for flashing fastboot EDL mode and fastboot fastboot EDL mode? How to flash the partition to Mi 4x with fastboot EDL mode?

Here is the link about bootloader unlock:

There is also a tutorial that I found about Xiaomi Mi 5 exploit:


There are two different steps to flash a rom and fully boot to it:
1. Fastboot
2. Bootloader (A bootloader is in charge of booting the system, not the main OS)
Fastboot is to flash a rom, while the bootloader is to initialize the part of your system which is actually booting.
You need to apply bootloader first, and then your ROM.
For the full rooting and booting to ROM, you need to use Partition Recovery, flashing the bootloader and booting to recovery, then flashing the rom (using the fastboot command and other tool).
So all these commands on the article are for flashing a ROM, if you want to boot into it, you need to use this:
Fastboot fastboot reboot recovery # Partition Recovery
bootloader fastboot boot recovery # Partition Recovery
However, I don’t remember all of them, so you can follow this tutorial for more details:

and this tutorial:

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