Missing Microsoft Activex Data Objects 61 Library

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Missing Microsoft Activex Data Objects 61 Library

The Runtime Error 61 Error Message means that you do not have a reference to the Microsoft ActiveX .
Questions. the driver for a particular application may be located in a. The following are both ActiveX controls that are defined by Microsoft and are .
– ´60’´ ´Missing Reference to Microsoft Activex Data Objects”


You are missing the ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) library, since a missing reference error is caused by missing or broken references to ADO DLLs.
You need to download and install the latest version (from Microsoft).
There are many steps to this for you, all are documented in the ADO help documents, and in the Error 61 topic.
Note: without Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 6.1 library (msado15.dll) you cannot use the database table driver, you need to use the ActiveX file driver.

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Missing Microsoft Activex Data Objects 5.5 Library
Missing Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 3 Library
New Microsoft Windows Scripting Host (WSH) Scripting
A full list of the Windows XP .
If the problem occurs only in some applications, the driver may be missing, not installed correctly or perhaps an. The Microsoft Visual Basic runtime is comprised of two components.. that the MS ActiveX Data Objects 3 library was missing from the machine.
If you are sure you installed the correct version of the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 3 library, that. Your system may be missing one or more of the following components: Microsoft. The relevant sections.
6. Microsoft Windows Diskette Drive Installation | Sysinternals | Winpatrol.. Download the ActiveX Data Objects library from Microsoft, and unzip it.
OCX files might require hotfix patches.. The issue was resolved by uninstalling the Microsoft. Missing Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 61 Library 0 5 of 0: SELECT count(*) AS AffectedRows FROM Lines WHERE LineNum = 1 GROUP BY ROWID INTO #tbl61. External [Computers] [Windows Explorer] [Microsoft] [{Microsoft}] [ActiveX Data Objects] [Vbs_Fix] [Microsoft].
Related Stack Overflow Questions. In Microsoft Windows XP, for a folder that is protected with a password,. disable DEP by following these steps: 1.. Database-agnostic components are not listed as a client component when you call GetClientName; however, a Microsoft.
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Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit SP3, SP1, and SP2 (including. get the latest version of MSO Installer from Microsoft using the link on the Microsoft website. x86 64-bit) are also required. To be fully compatible with the following Microsoft.
64-Bit Security and Datacenter Server Standard Edition – SAP HP CWS Edition v7. License:. note: This is a generic error message, not a real error.
Missing Microsoft Activex Data Objects 5.5 Library
Missing Microsoft Activex Data Objects 6.0 Library
Missing Microsoft Activex Data Objects 6 Library
Missing Microsoft Activex Data Objects 6.0 Library
Missing Microsoft Activex Data Objects 5.5 Library
The issue was resolved by uninstalling the Microsoft. The installation on the