Horror Survival Looter/Shooter/Adventure Game Where You Loot And Traverse A Small Island As A Team With A Zombie Apocalypse Setting.
Currently Extending Raid Areas Including:
Haunted Mansion
Sasquatch Zoo
Zombie Resort
Save a Zombie Baby
UFO (Unreleased)
The Great Attractor (Unreleased)
Nova (Unreleased)
The Apocalypse (Unreleased)
And More!!!
I Have Yet to Implement a Better Player Agent system to handle War, Conflict and Intricacies.
I Have Yet to Add Light and the ability to Loot in the dark.
I Have Yet To Implement Terror Mode (to give you Night Vision)
And More!
Your initial goal is to get to level 15 and explore each zone to make your way to a level 70 item pick up.
There will be hidden loot to find and items along the way to buy your way into the better end game loot.
Basic Missions will be unlocked as you level up that will reward you with equipment and funds that you can use to buy your way up.
Level Up:
Level Up gets you better loot the more loot you find.
Easter Egg:


MUNCHIES Features Key:

  • Local Multiplayer: play in the same game together with other players
  • More than 40 culinary/drinks recipes
  • Classic: Catan and various kids game types
  • Play on your mobile device, or more than 30 “Seat Screen” device modes
  • MUNCHIES is a local-only game. The data you have saved is yours and yours only. You can choose to share your progress with your friends using Google Play Game Invites. Please note that we play the game using the local data stored on your device and we won’t have access to it.

    Other players cannot (and probably should not) play the game using Google Play Game Services. 

    What’s in the box?

    Fri, 03 Jun 2015 22:08:54 +000090.8 Cheerleader Cookies Game Key features:Local multiplayer: Pop your community inside all of your friends’ gamesPersona: control the unstoppable team in your community
    YAY_PLAYONINHONORMAYDAY There’s nothing better than cheering on your friends when they play a few games.

    Game hero is Picked_The_Hero by angry-eagle.



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    MUNCHIES (April-2022)

    Gameplay:MUNCHIES is an Action Survival Horror Shooter where You Guide A Team of Survivors through A Post Apocalyptic world.Survival means, you Have to Find Water, Weapons, Ammo and Food to Survive!!!

    Weapons:There Are Plenty of different Types of Weapon and We’ll Be Adding More Later!!!Attacking & Defending:Your Team Can Attack or Defend From A wide Range of Enemies, Including Zombie’s, Cyborg’s, Army’s and Giant Monster’s.

    Create a Character:You Can Create A Character Any Way You Like!!Suit Color, Hair Color, Eyes Color and Gender!Graphics:The Game is being Created in Unity3d, So It Looks Pretty Good and Runs Great on a Modern System. The Graphics are Inspired by Games like Bioshock, The Evil Within, Call of Duty and Shadow Warrior.Audio: Music And Sound Effects Have Been Created By Me, There Will Be More coming!!!

    Biome and World:The World Has Been Turned Into A Post Apocalyptic World and It’s Completely Different From Other Games Like DayZ or Hoard!Each Level Is Unique, So You Will Never Get The Same World Over And Over Again!!! The World and Sides Are randomly generated each time you play, even if the same weapon, ammo or items are used.Animations:This Is A Zombie Survival Game, So You Have Zombie’s And Cyborg’s Running Around, Laughing, Grinning, Crying, Etc. Beware Of Them!!!

    Extras:You Can Get Extra Items By Going On Missions With Certain Gains! The Game May Eventually Have A Story Mode And A Single Player Campaign!!!

    Features:The Main Menu Can Do All The Following:Setup- Play a Game Setup a New Game Play a New Character Choose Map Choose Direction/Upside Down Choose Color Theme Quick Start for a new player Enable User Feedback Yes, (If you are allowed).Quests:Settlers In the World:There will be a Quests system, So You Can Go Out into the world and Complete Quests, Gain Rewards, And Get Items And More!

    You Can Turn the Camera Around to view Your Friends Characters’s Stats and Make Friends, Get Recommendations from Other Players and Go on Raids to other Players Houses to get Items, Ammo, Food and More!

    Missions:Missions are Fast Point Based Missions, Just Like the


    What’s new: