Nine Tips to Maintain Your Healthy Invisalign

Invisalign is used to rectify the smiles of thousands of patients. Generally, there are not many things that Chatfield Dental Braces are unaware of clear aligners.

If you are new to the Invisalign family or even if you’re an existing member of Invisalign, below are few tips that can be helpful for you to experience better with your Invisalign.

Tips to maintain your Invisalign properly

  1. Using it almost for 20 hours in a day

Wearing your aligners almost for 20 to 22 hours in a day will give you the desired outcome. You will get free of this for four hours a day. Roughly, you can remove your Invisalign while eating your meals, brushing your teeth, drinking beverages, contact sports, and snacking.

If you want to take off your aligners for any occasion, then you should discuss it with our experts first to avoid any harassment. But not wearing your aligners for a long time can cause hamper the success of your treatment.

  1. Storing it in its Case

The clear aligners can easily be misplaced. It is better to place it in their case after taking it out. Put it in its protective case straight after removing it from your teeth. It will also help in keeping it safe from breakage.

Don’t wrap your aligners in tissue paper as the aligners will be of no use rather throw it in the bin afterward.

  1. Carry a handy toothbrush

After 20 minutes of every meal, you have to brush your teeth to put the aligners back. This can be quite hectic while you’re eating out but this is a foremost step to follow. It will increase your success rate.

The food particles which are trapped inside the tooth harm your tooth and also can cause decay, stains in the teeth, and bad breath. If you are unable to brush your teeth always after your meal then you can also swish with water or you can also use chewing gum but it should be a sugar-free product.

  1. Drinking beverages with your aligner

Intake of caffeine beverages like cola, tea, and coffee will give stain to your aligners. You can only drink water while wearing your aligners. The sugar-added clear beverages aren’t also permissible as it could seep inside their aligners. It will form acid and could cause tooth decay.

You can take water in between your meals as much as you could intake to minimize the time to take off your aligners every day.

  1. Avoid putting the aligners in hot water

It is very important to keep your aligners clean to maintain hygiene. But never ever put your aligners into hot water to clean them. Putting them into hot water can cause losing their shape or it can also melt down.

  1. Avoid toothpaste for cleaning aligners

We never ask any of our clients to clean their Invisalign in London at Chatfield Dental Braces with toothpaste. Toothpaste is abrasive which can make your aligners look dull and also inconspicuous.

Everyone wants to keep their aligners clean and sparkling, so it will be better if you brush them regularly and also can use a mild detergent.

  1. Never throw your aligners

While your aligner-wearing course gets completed, never throw it away and keep it inside the case which is provided to you. Before keeping it again in the case, you should clean them properly.

It may not be of any use, but even if you lost your new set of aligners then this can help you.

  1. Removing carefully

You need to be careful while removing your aligners. There is a particular skill for wearing and removing your aligners. You will learn that with time. You need to start it from the back of the teeth and have to remove it gently with the help of the fingers. Loosen it from back to front.

Always hold your aligners delicately to avoid any kind of damage. It easily pops out of your teeth but still, if you have any issue removing it then you may consult us. We can provide you with a kit with which you can remove them easily.

  1. Wearing retainers

Never forget to wear retainers after removing your Invisalign. Once the treatment is completed successfully our expertise advises you to wear retainers to support your bone and stabilises your teeth. It plays a vital role in holding your teeth straight.

Even after your bone settlement which almost takes a year, still you need your retainers to get a better result.

These above tips may help you to maintain healthy Invisalign in London. You will get all the other details if you visit our website.