NEW JERSEY— Working towards your dream kitchen or a bathroom oasis in the Garden State? From major renovation projects to small repairs around the house, home improvement costs can add up fast – with a new study showing that New Jersey residents spend the most in the nation on home renovations.

This study, by real estate experts at, examines Census data on how much the average household spends on renovations every year – as well as social media data on which room of the house is most commonly made over.

Renovations have “gained massive popularity” since the global pandemic as homeowners look to enhance their living space and add more value to their home, said real estate expert Chris Heller of Millions of social media posts on platforms like Instagram feature ideas to remodel, revitalize, and reinvent your home – not to mention the bevy of home transformation shows on networks like HGTV and TLC, or streaming services.

The AgentAdvice study noted that the kitchen and bathroom are far and away the most popular spaces to remodel right now, based on a tally of Instagram posts in the home renovation category.

“The kitchen is a great place to start any renovation projects as it is the heart of the home and a valuable communal space for those wanting to buy a new home,” Heller said. “Homeowners who embark on a kitchen renovation could expect to see a 30.7 percent to 85.7 percent return on their investment when selling their home.”

Each year, New Jersey household spending for home improvements averages out to $4,634.24, according to a Census data analysis of spending. And if you’re one of those homeowners interested in remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, it will cost a lot more than that average.

The price of an average kitchen remodel in our region could range from $27,966 for a more minor overhaul, to $164,263 for an upscale kitchen remodel. Bathroom renovations could cost anywhere between $25,468 to $78,935 on average, noted.

Overall, New Jersey was the state where households spend the most, followed by Maryland ($4,516.97), Massachusetts ($4,473.61), Connecticut ($4,356.67), and Hawaii ($4,279.26). Households in Washington, D.C. pay about $4,304.52 a year on renovations.

The states where households spend the least on home improvement (according to this study) are Mississippi ($2,547.57), Arkansas ($2,705.88), West Virginia ($2,770.12), Louisiana ($2,834.90), and New Mexico ($2,839.70).