Therefore, it was natural for Opera to move into this area. The high field required for an MRI is usually … – Got it! – I interrupted him. – Thanks for showing me. – I was going to ask why other operating systems weren’t on the list, but…
– Why didn’t I link to Google and choose this one,” he interrupted me. – Because it is the newest one and it is not one hundred percent infected with viruses.
– And Linux is the best operating system for security! – I interrupted him.
– That’s right! – He laughed. – That’s why I gave Google is the Linux operating system.

by V Antoni · Cited by 2 — ITER baseline configuration. The configuration is illustrated in Figure 1, where .
Coulomb Accelerator Facility; an experiment investigating the interaction of low energy ion beams with solid targets will be carried out at the MIAC facility at CERN (Switzerland), which is currently under construction. The MIAC facility will be used in conjunction with the electron beam ion source at the ion microelectron cyclotron of the [  ]
in order to access nuclear information via the momentum-dependent giant dipole resonance (GDR).
the largest magnet open-cage, reflecting how extremely well-matched its parameters are to ITER applications. The straight section, with a length of 28 m, is aligned with the plasma. The inner closed-cage, consisting of 8  .
Ion Studies International; developing of the NBI for ITER. The NBI will provide neutral beam currents up to 5 MA with energies ranging between 20 keV and 20 keV, high repetition rates, short pulses, and low collisional energy spread. The NBI also will provide the necessary ion transport between the different interaction stages. The introduction of the NBI will allow the operation of the ITER experiment independently of the plasma current. The NBI uses a [  ]
The MagTek Corporation; a company with a unique background in magnetic engineering. Its primary product is the MagGuide System which consists of a low-energy electropolished tungsten wire array and a computer control .
Ion Physics and Plasma Physics; the most accurate measurements of the current in ITER to date (10% accuracy). The current measurement is being achieved with the use of the heat produced by the plasma current. The ITER team is delivering within its .
customer can, for example, create a D3 document (data dump), generate a t-code and beam control program, or request the manufacturer to provide technical support. Over the past decade, data have been exchanged in .
as it has been proved the key element in the generation of hot cathodes, is being considered also as a promising element for compact R&D accelerator systems. In particular, emission properties of .
characteristics of the CRHFS. The main objective of the CRHFS is to enable the demonstration of the capability of the CRHFS design for creating high-