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Robert Burge may refer to:

Robert Burge (painter) (1814–1883), English landscape painter
Robert Burge (actor) (1862–1929), American actor, father of Robert Burge and actress Jan Burge
Robert Burge (professor), professor in history of Christian thought
Robert Burge (Queensland politician) (1866–?), member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly
Robert Burge (director), British film and television director

See also
Bob Burge (disambiguation)
Robert Burr (disambiguation)
Burger (disambiguation)Q:

How to add script tags?

Please pardon me if my question is stupid. I’m new to javascript.
I’m writing a script that allows users to request resources such as AJAX data, scripts, and so on.
The script is meant to be run from external links using .. tags.
For security reasons, I want to make sure that no one can alter the content of the page and add their own tags.
So the script will be:

The problem I’m getting is that I can’t use without closing the tag and that’s where the problem arises.
Is there a way to do this using just script tags?



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