In recent years, there has been a growing trend of individuals making money by reselling items purchased from stores like Lowes on online marketplaces such as Amazon. A recent article from The U.S. Sun reported a man quit his job to resell items from stores like Walmart and Lowes full time. This practice, commonly referred to as retail arbitrage, has become a popular way for individuals to earn extra income or even build a full-time business.

The concept of retail arbitrage is simple, buy products from a retailer at a discounted price and then resell them at a higher price on an online marketplace such as Amazon. The key to success in this practice is to find products that are in high demand and have a significant markup. By doing so, individuals can make a profit by buying and selling products without ever having to create or manufacture their own products. Many people that resell on Amazon will use tools like ScoutIQ which allows them to scan items on their phone to see how profitable, how often it sells, and if it is a good buy to sell on Amazon.

Lowes is a popular destination for retail arbitrage due to its wide range of products and frequent sales and discounts. Many individuals scour Lowes stores for items that are on clearance, discontinued, or in limited supply. By purchasing these items at a lower price and reselling them on Amazon, individuals can make a profit without ever having to hold inventory or handle shipping and handling.

One popular category of products for retail arbitrage at Lowes is home improvement items such as tools, hardware, and building supplies. Many of these products have a high markup and are in constant demand, making them ideal for resale on Amazon. In addition, Lowes often offers discounts and sales on these types of products, allowing resellers to purchase them at a lower cost and then sell them for a higher price.

Another category of products that can be profitable for reselling on Amazon is outdoor equipment and furniture. Lowes offers a wide range of outdoor items such as grills, patio furniture, and lawn equipment that can be in high demand, particularly during the summer months. Resellers can take advantage of Lowes’ seasonal sales and clearance events to purchase these items at a lower price and then resell them on Amazon for a profit.

While retail arbitrage can be a profitable venture, it is important to note that it is not without its challenges. One of the biggest challenges is finding profitable products that are in high demand. Resellers must constantly monitor Lowes’ sales and inventory to identify products that have a high markup and are likely to sell quickly on Amazon.

In addition, resellers must also deal with competition from other sellers on Amazon who are also reselling the same products. To stand out in a crowded marketplace, resellers must offer competitive prices, provide excellent customer service, and effectively market their products.

Despite these challenges, many individuals have found success in reselling items from stores like Lowes on Amazon. By leveraging Lowes’ sales and discounts, resellers can purchase products at a lower cost and then resell them for a profit on Amazon. With a little research and effort, retail arbitrage can be a profitable and flexible way to earn extra income or build a full-time business. I am always writing about Side Hustles. Click Here so you never miss a Side Hustle post.

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