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Go and explore the world as a shiny new butterfly! Fly from flower to flower, explore beautiful new lands, collect gems and use them to unlock new breeds of butterfly. But watch out for the evil emperor!
Sneak out when the guards are distracted and take their precious gems!
Collect gems for extra bonuses, and get all of them to unlock new worlds and beautiful butterflies.
Butterflies –
0 male
1 female
Get them all!
-Beautiful colorful graphics
-Custom butterfly style
-Easily unlock new butterflies
-Use gems to get new items
-Collect gems and gems to get more butterflies
-Innovative gameplay mechanic that makes it super fun
-8 levels
-Randomized difficulty
-Beautiful music in every level
-Customizable controls
-Amazing 3D world
1 flower
2 flowers
3 flowers
1 flower
2 flowers
3 flowers
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Peripeteia Features Key:

  • It’s the first game that’s available for Android and iOS.
  • It’s Free to play. You can go through the available stages without any costs.
  • Plenty of Achievements.
  • It’s definitely not a platform game – it’s more about core survival.
  • Each player can manage up to up to 8 characters – excluding heroic versions.


  • 27 Normal Stages.


  • App Version 0.1.4

Standalone version:

  • 1.0.4


  • Jules Thirioux


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Peripeteia: is a mix of strategy, roguelike, RPG and RPGMaker based game, set in the science-fiction world of the planet Peripeteia. You are captain of a spaceship and your mission is to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life forms and new civilizations. During your travels you will encounter a vast number of dangerous enemies and unexpected events. You will have to decide, whether to remain a superior human, or become a legendary ‘Peripeteiaphant’. *By creating an account, you agree with our guidelines of anonymity and protection of the privacy of other players.*
We are looking for quality AND helpful people!*
– You must be helpful AND have a quality attitude. We don’t want people who are lazy and are only in it to get items, because we are trying to build a community here, where helpfulness prevails.
– You have to stick to our rules, so we can get a feel of each other’s approach, and what skills we may need to complete a game together.
– You have to be active in the communication channels, participate in the group discussions and keep the attention up, so we can finish our game together as a community.
– You must understand english (spelling and grammar), otherwise we will not be able to communicate well together, so we both can have fun.
– You must have basic understanding of computer systems.
– You must be quick, and willing to adjust and react to the different moods of the players.
– Your approach to the game must always be constructive, not to be put in frustration, otherwise the race of video games will die out.
*The Race of Video Games*
Video games, aside from computer gaming, are also used in Education, Arts, and Science, both in a professional and a recreational way.
Every player has his/her own wish list of concepts they think could be done in the game. We wish to give people the chance to realize their ideas, because sometimes it can be the challenge of a lifetime.
Unfortunately, it is hard to communicate with a game that is not finished, even more so when it has no set-in-stone rules and should therefore be flexible. If you want to see your concept in Peripeteia, you have to adjust your concept to the rule-set.
When we are satisfied with your approach, you will get items that you can use to develop your progress, and get an


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PS4 Game Review


Submitted by: stesch678

Release Date: 2018-09-26

Platform: Playstation 4

Game code: code


Peripeteia is a 2D top-down action game where the player must complete various stages to collect seven scattered gems in order to complete the game. The game is broken up into 14 chapters, with the first seven chapters being the main gameplay sections.


Peripeteia is a side scrolling action game that uses a very minimalist visual aesthetic. The player controls a bat that is traversing through an obstacle-ridden, 2D world to collect seven scattered gems in order to complete the game. The gameplay involves quick movement through the various levels, as well as jumping on enemies or using platforms to traverse obstacles. It is in this regard that Peripeteia feels a lot like Kombat. Each level is divided into a certain number of stages where there is usually a checkpoint near the beginning of each stage. As the player completes a stage, a new scene will open up to the level, however, if there is not enough room to progress, the player must repeat the stage until they have collected enough gems to finish the stage. If all seven gems are collected within a level, a boss fight ensues in which the player must defeat the boss in order to progress to the next chapter of gameplay.

In addition to the gameplay, Peripeteia also includes a number of different story elements. For example, as the player is traversing through the various levels, they can use the left and right bumper to engage in dialogue with a character in each stage. There are three different main characters to choose from, and each one is voiced with a different accent. One of the characters (Ayla) is actually a blacksmith, and can be used to craft items in a separate crafting mode. Once all of the gems are collected in a stage, the player will have access to a limited number of items they can use to progress through the game. The player can also start the game on a hard difficulty, in which a number of enemies will attack the player at random intervals.

Since Peripeteia was designed with a play-it-alone system, there is no multiplayer support.


Peripeteia is a simplistic 2D side scrolling action game where the player controls a bat through a world filled with


What’s new:

or periphrasis denotes a repetition or variation of the action over a smaller or longer space or time.

Example: The performer peripathetically bows one leg, and then the other to announce the Prince of Wales’s homecoming.

The term peripety comes from “peripéteia”, a variation involving a change of situation, whether light or dark or whether into or out of the house (using the “open house”), “going on stage or off stage” (to be versed in it?)

A person in the midst of deliberation may proceed vertically or horizontally; normally, vertically and horizontally. The vertical or horizontal, as produced, may match or not match the desired effect or interpretation. In this case, the vertical and horizontal are produced in a manner of matching and not matching.

The place moves up (e.g., place of meeting, place of using cigarettes, groom or bride, birthday, or his or her high school, present for a graduation party.

The time moves high up (e.g., Time of using cigarettes or medications; place of using cigarettes, smoker’s cigarettes are used and they are naturally crushed and deadened – all amidst the use of the actual cigarettes; meaning in use or medicinal; place of birth (name) not touched by the hand),

The person moves at a higher elevation or he or she “steals a scene”

Prepared: Orientation and Orientate (see objects, guide text)

Rehearsal: for a Play, a Journey, and/or a Mix of the two (they put you up to do an introduction, and after all, the one with the steering wheel should take control of the idea), and a Wardrobe (the time you put a new piece of clothing up, you will be doing a change of the time of your action)

Orientation: (Locus to place) A listening that is both: what it is about? + a listening (looking) of the better part of the action?

A concert as a double-layered “littoral” – “land” and “sea” – presenting an evening of such a “small” concert within the concert series, and within the world of musical life in the year 2014.

Each series member is identifying the place for the beginning of the room


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How To Crack Peripeteia:

  • Install the game using the provided.exe file. If you installed the game using a different method, then please post your attempt in here
  • If the game asks you for the directory of the original.pak file, enter the path of the.pak file.
  • Click UnInstall. Wait for the uninstall process to complete.
  • Close all apps other than the game.
  • Double click Peripeteia.exe to start the game.
  • Once the game launches, click Start and follow the onscreen instructions.

System Requirements:

Supported Intel® Core™ i7-950 processor or better (2.53 GHz or faster)
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or better (256 MB)
Windows® 7 or Windows® 8
Current Settings
System Health:
Serial Number:
About Sony
Sony is a leading manufacturer and distributor of audio and visual entertainment products, services and systems for the consumer and professional markets. Sony is one of the most widely recognized and respected brands in


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