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_ **Figure 8.7** – Layers_

Basically, any image can be broken up into three components: layers, masks, and channels. (The layers themselves are referred to as “groups” by Adobe.) A group can have its own color space, type, and opacity setting.

Let’s take a look at each of these components.

* **Layers** represent the elements of a given image, each with its own layer state information.
* **Masks** are a way to mask out parts of a layer without affecting the data of the layers beneath. The underlying layers remain intact.
* **Channels** represent the colors and contrast of an image.
* **Master layer** of a Photoshop file is the first layer created. By default, each image is given a single default master layer. However, it is possible to create additional layers, which can have different effects on how the image is displayed.

When Adobe started working on Photoshop, few other image manipulation tools existed. The need to edit multiple layers and masks also is what made Photoshop so attractive. There was nothing else like it.

**NOTE** It is common to edit a new layer before adding all the elements to the image. Editing a new layer is not the same as editing an existing one. To edit an existing layer, click the layer to display its properties, and then use the options to edit the layer. A new layer is not an editable layer. It’s only a placeholder for the new content. You’ll see what I mean when you run through the tutorial at the end of this chapter.

# **Preparing Images for Workflow**

Every image that you create should be in a format that can be used for printing. (However, in Photoshop CS6 and later, you don’t need to save an image as a JPEG if you do have a reason to retain that format. If you don’t, then you can always change the file format to JPEG if you ever need it to print out.)

To enable the best workflow, it is important to always work with a JPEG format image for web use. This is an important part of creating a design—digital or print.

**NOTE** Be sure to select the correct format before saving or exporting a file to a format such as TIFF or Photoshop PSD.

The best workflow pattern is to open an image, make any corrections, fix any errors or problems, then

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A few reasons why you should use Photoshop Elements

High quality vector graphics (SVG)

SVG is a vector-based file format designed for the web. It’s good at rendering sharp and complex images, and can be scaled infinitely without losing quality. It’s also computationally efficient, so you can create many more complex graphics with it than in a raster image format like JPEG or PNG.

Easy to use

The only part of Photoshop that is difficult to use is the complex workspace, so Photoshop Elements retains that simplicity. You can work in a few panels (with layers, selection tools, etc.) and then use the same interface to apply effects, create custom brushes, and transform and transform selections.

Features similar to Photoshop

It contains all the features that Photoshop has but has fewer options, so it will only take you a few minutes to learn.

Much cheaper than Photoshop

The price of Photoshop is expensive. If you’re looking for more image editing than PS allows you to do, you’ll find that you can do more in Elements and with fewer features.

Some reasons why you shouldn’t use Photoshop Elements

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor designed for both the professional and hobbyist alike. It has many features that allow you to create more complex graphics and combine them with text, shapes, and other shapes. It is also great for working with vector layers and even for making logos and other advanced vector graphics.

Some reasons why you shouldn’t use Photoshop Elements

No layer styles

You cannot create complex layer styles with Photoshop Elements. While this is not an issue for most people, sometimes you will want to create complex styles to add visual effects to your images.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an image editing software that runs on a tablet or phone as well as computers. It contains sophisticated editing and retouching tools, allowing you to edit and manage your images effectively.

Some reasons why you shouldn’t use Photoshop Elements

High file size

Lightroom is a bigger program, and it takes up more space on your computer than Elements.

It’s more expensive

Elements is much cheaper than Lightroom. It is also easier to find and use.

Some reasons why you should use Photoshop


Gimp is an image

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Voters will decide whether to change the state Constitution and provide for free community college

October 8, 2013

Northwest Arkansas is a step closer to becoming the first state in the nation to offer free community college for everyone. A proposal to change the state Constitution will likely appear on a statewide ballot in November and could change the lives of thousands of residents.

The state’s Attorney General announced on Tuesday that the ballot title and summary for the proposal will be filed in the next few weeks and it appears that the public will be well-served if they pay attention to the implications of the proposed amendment.

Article 12, Section 9(b) of the Northwest Arkansas Constitution provides for free public college, but only if the resident has met certain requirements. For at least 12 months, a student must reside in the state and must have earned at least 30 hours of community service in which the work was “of benefit to the general public.”

That’s a lot of hoops to jump through, but some students might be eligible anyway because they never really meet the criteria. If they live out of state or even out of the state for at least part of the year, they would not meet the residency requirements and they would not be eligible to enroll in one of the state’s eight community colleges.

The amendment proposes to make it easy for all residents of the state to attend community college without tuition, and it provides strong financial incentives for the state’s public universities to make it possible. This measure would provide for state funding for community college by allowing a surcharge on a portion of the state’s income and sales tax.

It’s not clear yet whether this amendment will get enough votes to pass, but if it does, it will certainly provide a needed leg up for local economies.

According to an editorial in the Arkansas Times, the amendment would “provide an economic boost on a scale never before seen in Northwest Arkansas.”

“Think of a whole new generation of Arkansans able to attend community colleges for free, helping to bolster local economies and create jobs,” said Jerry Metts, president of the Community College Alliance of Northwest Arkansas, a grass-roots group that supported the amendment.

If this passes, it will be just one more proof of the wonders of the ballot box. Whether the voters choose to ratify the proposal or not, we all know there’s no such

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Monday, May 12, 2009

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System Requirements:

Supported video cards:
NVIDIA: Geforce GTX650 2GB
AMD: Radeon HD 7950 2GB
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows: Windows 7
Windows: Windows 8
Mac OS X: 10.7 or above
Linux: Ubuntu 12.04
Linux: Fedora 16
Windows 7
You may experience different levels of performance across different monitors, so some effects may be exaggerated on some screens. Also, be aware that some advanced settings may not appear in the in-game options.