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It’s good to note that Adobe makes commercial programs that are similar to the Photoshop Elements program. The company also makes Photoshop products, but these are the full-featured versions of the original program.

## Adjusting Color with the Brush

When you’re in Elements, you get just a few basic tools for photo-editing tasks, the same tools used to edit photos in any photo editor or image-manipulation program.

In the Brush tool

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In this guide, we will teach you how to use Photoshop Elements 20 for designing and editing photos. This Photoshop Elements 20 tutorial for beginners covers all of the basics of the software: using the software, loading images, applying various filters, merging and comparing images, cloning and retouching, slicing and dicing, and making changes to the contrast, color balance, and sharpness.

How to Use Photoshop Elements 20

Before you start creating your own images, understand how to use Photoshop Elements. This Photoshop Elements 20 tutorial is divided into five sections:

Using Photoshop Elements Installing a new image file Importing and opening images Opening a Photoshop Elements file Attaching filters, effects, and layers Aligning and converting images Working with layers Locking and unifying your image Retouching and cloning Animating and playing with layers

With the help of this guide, you will learn how to use Photoshop Elements to create images from scratch. You can also use this guide to perform some basic tasks, such as opening a graphic file and drawing your first design using shapes, filters, and layers.

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Part 1: Using Photoshop Elements to Edit Images

It’s fairly easy to use Photoshop Elements 20 for editing existing photos. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial that will help you edit a photo:

1. Open the photo you want to edit. Select the image you want to edit. Start by opening your image file using Photoshop Elements.

2. Change the photo’s size using the Photo Size tool. Use the Photo Size tool to make the image smaller or larger to suit your design.

Use the tools on the Home tab on the Tools panel to apply filters to the photo or create masks using the Pen tool. Choose the Filters panel to apply a new filter or modify an existing one.

You can trim the photo using the Trim tool. The Trim tool allows you to either delete an area of the photo, remove a part of the image, or join two parts of the photo together.

Edit the color balance, exposure, and shadows/highlights using the Red, Green, and Blue color-selection boxes.

You can use the Pen tool to make selections. Selections make it easy to edit some areas of an image. You can use the Pen tool to cut, duplicate, delete, and fill the selected areas of an image. Selections can also be used to

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