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By the end of this article, you will know how to make simple and advanced modifications to your images. You will also be able to open and save and output graphics in various file formats, such as portable document format (PDF) and Adobe Acrobat formats (PDF and Portable Document Format), and also how to perform basic image adjustments.

Keep in mind that none of the steps in this article will be true shortcuts for image manipulation.

Taking Your First Photo

To show you how to edit an image, I use two images: a picture of a woman on her cellphone and a couple of small, brightly colored flowers.

The first thing you want to do is create a new document. You do this by clicking the New Document button that appears in the Create a New Document window at the bottom of the Photoshop screen, or by choosing File⇒New.

You can also use the New Document command from the Photoshop dock, which is covered in Chapter 3.

The next step is to select the woman on the right and then choose Image⇒Layers from the menu, or pressing Ctrl+J (⌘-J). This makes the woman a separate layer on top of the image.

The image below shows the first step: the Layers palette (see the following figure), with the woman’s layer highlighted and ready to work with. If you click the New Layer button near the top of the Layers palette, you create a new layer and make it a visible layer so that you can edit it later.

Photoshop provides three color palettes to work with: the Color Picker, the Color Overlay Preview, and the Swatches palette. The main advantage of using the Color Picker and the Color Overlay is that you can select colors from either the image or a color used in the background.

In the next few steps, I’ll use the Color Overlay Preview to select a color from the background and a color from the flowers to use in a new layer. After making the new layer, I’ll use the Color Swatches palette to change the color.

On the Layers palette, you can select any layer you want for your work. In the case of this image, the woman is the only layer visible and is selected so that I can work with her layer only. However, if I needed to create a completely new layer to work on, I would select the Background layer and move it to the front of the layers

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Adobe Photoshop Elements has a good reputation in the image editing industry and has contributed to the development of many new, innovative features.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to edit images and add text to them using Photoshop Elements.

First, lets get started!

Step 1

Open Photoshop Elements and choose image > Image > Load. Select the image you want to open and click Open.

Step 2

In Photoshop Elements, the Edit area is on the left side and the Layers panel is on the right side. If you don’t have layers, click Layers to add new layers.

Create a New Layer

Click the New Layer icon on the Layers panel and name the new layer “Text”.

Create a New Layer

Step 3

Click the Text icon on the Layers panel. This adds a new text layer to the current image.

Text Layer

Step 4

To edit the text layer, click the text layer on the Layers panel and type text. Now you can edit the text.

Edit Text Layer

Step 5

By default, the color is white. To change the color of the text, select the text layer on the Layers panel, then click the color icon next to the word Color. Click a color and then click OK.

Select Text

Step 6

Click the arrow to the right of the layer name and drag the text to another part of the photo. If the text doesn’t move, hold the Control key while dragging.

Move Text

Step 7

You can choose different fonts in Photoshop Elements. Click the Font Color icon on the Layers panel and then click the down arrow next to the word Font. Choose a different font in the pop-up menu and the layer text will change color.

Change Font Color

Step 8

You can import a pre-designed template into Photoshop Elements. Click the Template button at the bottom of the Layers panel and choose a template from the pop-up menu.

Import Template

Step 9

You can add filters to your photos. Click the Filters button at the bottom of the Layers panel and then choose a filter from the pop-up menu.

Add Filters

Step 10

You can rotate and mirror your image. Click the Canvas icon on the Layers panel and drag

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for (i = 0; i type == CAIRO_SURFACE_TYPE_DRM) {
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