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The Kickstarter

Some things just don’t need a full story, they’re just a little thing that needs attention. That’s the case with my latest acquisition, a smattering of ads (text and motion) for an online game called “The Kickstarter.”

So what is the Kickstarter? Here’s the pitch on the Kickstarter site: “Kickstarter is a game about paying artists for your art. (In theory.) You can be a creator, a patron, a killer. You can also be an audience member or an incorporeal entity. In an alternate universe, everyone is a 3D artist. Everyone is a creator.”

What I found is that “taken to its logical conclusion, Kickstarter is an organization/business model for art funding. It’s the first ever licensed crowdfunding platform.” (That’s the Kickstarter quote.) I think that’s an overstatement. I don’t know what Kickstarter is trying to be, but I don’t think it’s trying to be anything new.

The text from the short ad, for the iPhone app, is on these lines: “ raises money for projects for you. Use that money to create an app.” And the video is even shorter. I would have added a little more text that we’re talking about art here.