For Your Information is a game for one to six players, developed during eight weeks. Initially designed as a game for learning the Unity Engine, it got the feedback that it is a lot of fun. For Your Information has been (re)released, now as a standalone game on the Windows Phone Store.
Version History:
Map, cover and the interrogations became much easier.
Bugfix: Guards can now tag other guards on the map.

Version 1.0.3
Interrogations use a list of possible answers.
Map and cover frame are now a little bit thicker, to be more visible in dark offices.

Version 1.0.2
The interrogation and building in a similar way now.
All respawns are now a little bit easier.
Spies can now put objects on the map, make that map more confusing for the Guards.

Version 1.0.1
You can now choose if you want to win by a logic game or if you want to set the winner by killing every player.
Fixed a bug where the GUI sometimes get broken.

Version 1.0.0
Initial release

Incorporation and Reincorporation
Game for up to 6 players.
At the beginning of the game, each player chooses a Corporation. The Corporation is the playground on the map where every player can get some points. Every player is, of course, connected to a Corporation. By the way, while you are on a Corporation you are “incorporating”. You have to exit from your Corporation to join a different one. This is actually a simple and interesting task in itself, you should not escape your Corporation before the game is over.
When you start a Corporation, you can also choose an employee to be the Corporation Registrar and another one to be the Corporation Administrator. Those two players are designated the key players of the Corporation.
The game is played over time frames. Every frame runs 30 seconds and not only the main gameplay is played in that time frame, but also the respawns of all players, the spy tasks, the interrogations etc. The Corporation Registrar will make sure that every player is activated or deactivated once per 30 seconds and will inform all the players about that. If the Corporations Registrar is the one, who is controlling the Corporation, he


Post Industrial Renovator Features Key:

  • A fun, polished, tile-based arcade game.
  • Integrate procedural generation.
  • Challenge nearby blocks and win a prize!
  • The game never gets too difficult.
  • Destroy blocks to reveal new ones.
  • Add blocks to make shortcuts, but be careful, they can kill you if you get too close.
  • Solve mind-bending puzzles with your friends.
  • Support 2-4 players.
  • Pinball movement!
  • Many enhancements.


    “TILES AND YOU! Let me at your blocks!”


    • You want to create a funny, satisfying, arcade game.
    • You’ve never played a true Tiles tile-based game before.
    • You hate Tetris.
    • You don’t care what this game looks like.
    • You like physics games and you want your physics game to look like this.
    • This game will haunt your nightmares and keep you up at night.
    • You want to think, time and strategy.
    • Your friends love it!

    WHAT’S NEW IN 0.4.5?

    • Opposite Direction! Play the game differently now.
    • Infinite mode to explore the game’s systems and content.
    • Shuffle and random mode to provide additional puzzle challenges.
    • Add some more player options, like a pause-button.
    • Explore new blocks in spite of the new direction.
    • More difficult puzzles.
    • Establish near-perfect scores to earn medals.
    • Come explore my YouTube channel!

    WHAT’S NEW IN 0.4.6?

    In the spirit of “VILLAGE LIFE,” I added some extra features to this update!


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    In this version you can play a new space mining game where you take over an old abandoned mining base. Defy the xenon-legends. Enjoy space mining fun with over 3000 coins.
    Developer: InternetDivision
    Intro Game Music:
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    new version (II)
    Intro Game Sound Effect:
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    Licence: freeware

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    About The Game Post Industrial Renovator:
    In this version you can play a new space mining game where you take over an old abandoned mining base. Defy the xenon-legends. Enjoy space mining fun with over 3000 coins.
    Developer: InternetDivision
    Intro Game Music:
    By Tiger & Friends (
    new version (II)
    Intro Game Sound Effect:
    By Vito Cosentino
    Licence: freeware

    Included languages: English, English – (eng)

    Expand your fun with 3000 coins. These can be exchanged for RAW MATERIALS in the GAME.
    In Click Space Miner II you take control over a mining company in space. There is a big market, a


    Post Industrial Renovator [32|64bit]

    The year is 2031 and there are now four major factions on Apollyon. In GearStorm, it is players that are the new frontier of life and death, and survival means building settlements, crafting and upgrading vehicles and weaponry, and exploring and building outposts. In GearStorm there is a dystopian future setting with four factions to experience, each with their own vehicles, weapons, and distinct gameplay.
    Setting: We don’t want to say much in this section, as we are trying to avoid spoilers, but let’s just say that each faction, or group, has a distinct technological advantage over the other factions.
    Gameplay: New Generation technology is used throughout the game. Resource gathering and machine building has been replaced with farming and crafting. Crafting is now applied to weapons, armor, building construction, and vehicles. These items can be upgraded and improved with new technology to create bigger, better, faster, and stronger vehicles, weapons, equipment, and bases.
    Game Mechanics:GearStorm is a highly customizable game. Players are given a set amount of resources to start with and the ability to use and upgrade technology to create bigger, better, faster, and stronger equipment and vehicles.
    5Global Darknet Market:
    During the course of the game, we will feature global Darknet markets where people from around the world can place orders for equipment, vehicles, upgrades, and whatever they can think of to survive.
    Gameplay Mechanics:
    – Every object and element in the game, including weapons, vehicles, and more, can be looted and crafted.
    – Players can use their crafting ability to upgrade any object, which will make it bigger, better, faster, and stronger.
    – Items, vehicles, and technology can be looted from other players and made into upgrades.
    – All gear can be made in any tier.
    – Players can interact with each other, trading with other players, and even becoming friends or enemies.
    GearStorm is designed as a free-to-play game, with no pay to win elements.Players can always use the official website or our official forums to communicate with us to get support, ask questions, report problems, or any other business-related matters. No credit cards are required to download the game.Players who wish to receive a free copy of the game should follow our official website and forum, which are linked to in the link below. is an official site to support the development of GearStorm and answer any


    What’s new in Post Industrial Renovator:

    Post-industrial Renovators

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    System Requirements For Post Industrial Renovator:

    The Tower of a gristmill should be located away from the river, but it should not be too close to an edge.
    It should be placed on one or two platforms, and be located above the surrounding towers.
    The plot size should be at least 100x100m, but the exact size will depend on the plot size.
    The best area for a gristmill is a flat plot, in a central location.
    There must be at least two other towers in the gristmill area.