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In Windows there is no application to do this, you will have to edit.
How To Install Adobe Photoshop Documents On Windows Without Installing.
What is a.PSD file in Windows? and what software can i use to open a.psd file? asked Apr 23 2010.
Adobe Photoshop software is known to be a.psd file in.
(The Term) psd file is the a document file format to be used for bitmap-based images similar to.
How to play PSD files on Windows? asked Jul 2 2005.
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Adobe Creative Suite Elements 12 for Windows Tutorial.
How can I view an Adobe Photoshop document directly on my Windows.
I use a Macbook Pro, and have been asked to look at the display on a PC running Windows 7.
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How do I open Adobe PSD files in Windows 7? asked Apr 23 2010.
How can I edit a PSD file in Windows without installing Photoshop.
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