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ÃThe On The House Atlantic 50 features the best original food writing from the Atlantic, chosen by James Villas and his team of editors.

Each month, The Atlantic sends a box of freshly baked bread to a lucky reader in return for a short article on food and dining.

Our inaugural edition of the Atlantic 50 has James Villas, a columnist at the Atlantic, writing about his favorite food to eat this summer. The July box is filled with more than 20 treats, from macarons to white chocolate wafers, chocolate that melts like bonbons and tangy Vietnamese sandwiches. One of the special treats is a loaf of crusty French bread called Pain au Levain, which the editor of the July On The House Atlantic 50 has selected as his favorite bread.

James Villas is an editor at The Atlantic, where he reviews bars and lounges. He also contributes to the site’s “On the House” series of monthly cooking tutorials and a regular column on the topic of cooking for a new generation.

Why did I pick this bread?

After years of eating the increasingly predictable options of store-bought sandwich bread, a coworker introduced me to the concept of a real sandwich loaf — perfectly toasted and cut in the right place for an eight-to-10-inch sandwich. And I realize now that this type of bread is not as rare as I once thought. I grew up in a small town in the Midwest and we had one local bakery that was fairly well known for its French bread. I used to eat it a lot and then one day I ordered a burger at a bar and it came on a small roll that was so good, but not exactly like this. I’m not totally sure how it was but I felt like I needed to get it on my own.

What did I learn?

I may not have learned anything deeply educational about bread, but I learned that sometimes it’s much simpler than we think. Bread is a product of the agricultural cycle. To make its rise, it needs wheat. To make its texture, it needs time. And to make the bread taste good

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