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Inspired by the best-selling series Zombie Apocalypse, the terrifying living dead, which are spreading rapidly throughout the world, is causing real chaos.
Your objective: survive!
Monsters and other survivors (with weapons) are everywhere in this territory. You can expect to face anything that can oppose you: Roaches, Exploding rats, Zombies, Skeleton, Wolves, Mutant dogs.
For this purpose, you have built a band of eight survivors, with unique skills, and you must lead them through the danger zone. Among you there will be fighter, medic, heavy firearm specialist, “Pizza Delivery Guy”, and mechanic. You can use a variety of weapons like Energy weapons, melee weapons, or rifles.
The survivors will try to survive in the territory full of psychopaths – they are seeking their own personal survival. They require support and knowledge to stay alive, and their behavior is unpredictable.
Rabiez-Epidemic is a challenging survival game where you need to fight for your life.
Survivor AI
User defined
Choices have real consequences
Tons of content!
Survival game gameplay
Additional file information
The Official desktop version is available from Rabiez-Epidemic website
The cloud version can be found here:
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Rabiez-Epidemic is a zombie shooter game where you control one survivor in a city ravaged by the zombie apocalypse. Enjoy a unique combination of elements: from the first-person shooter gameplay to the action-packed gameplay, it’s completely up to you how you want to approach the gameplay and confront the hordes of the living dead and stay alive.
Rabiez-Epidemic is a combination of realistic zombie game mechanics and a mix of action elements.
The team is focused on delivering a unique gameplay experience with deep story elements.
– Careful gamer-


Features Key:

  • The game is run automatically when you install it. You’re ready to play, in under a minute!
  • A big Free Games reward awaits you!
  • Fast loading time!
  • Easy to learn and play. You don’t have to make the decisions up front, you just play and watch how the situation evolves.
  • Hundreds of community constructed AI will fight you. The game doesn’t get harder, just more fun!
  • A “SP” option gives you more information, faster decisions and allows you to evolve more immediately. You might want to try this.
  • Use the “A” key to see your attackers’ stats before making a decision. Remember, your goal is to survive and win. If you have a chance to win, do it.


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Rabiez Epidemic is a free-to-play zombie apocalypse survival game that combines the real-time tactical gameplay of classic turn-based strategy games with a brand new scenario based on a setting already saturated with the genre.
After an apocalypse with an excellent technology, the world has become a horde of the undead monsters.
Plan your survival in the worst case scenario, where every passing minute is a precious one!
Survival is not easy, you need to gather resources, take care of your health and decision-making skills.
Once you find a safe spot you need to build a base and gather enough food and resources in order to survive.
Defend yourself in real time! Take cover, protect yourself, and wait for your turn to strike. They will come at any time, so be ready!
In this game you can play as one of two characters (male or female) with their own strong points and weaknesses.
Defend yourself in a world driven by the amazing cinematic of a living dead!
The game is based on the concept of the popular arcade game “Rabiez-Epidemic” by our publisher Artink.
This game was developed using the custom game engine that powers “AI: Rampage”, the acclaimed robot-based horror game.
System requirements:
OS: 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i5, or better
Memory: at least 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX11-compatible video card
DirectX: Version 11
Networking: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX11-compatible sound card
Windows: 7 or newerPilot paralyzed from waist down in hit-and-run accident

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Rabiez: Epidemic With License Key

Rabiez: Epidemic is a fast-paced, tactical and realistic zombie-apocalypse multiplayer shooter where you must lead a squad of survivors. Fight against tens of on-screen enemies through a ton of deadly level variations. These levels feature a wide range of design features and will challenge you as a survivalist. From outdoor, riverside camps, to high-tech virtual hospitals, from empty, zombie-infested city streets to underground escape tunnels and everywhere in between! The gameplay is realtime (and a bit of “twitch”), where you will watch your squad battle it out to solve puzzles, clean rooms and get from A to B. Strategise, but don’t forget to keep your survivors alive! This isn’t no point-and-click survival game!
“Rabiez: Epidemic” game is based on an original engine – the engine used in ‘AI: Rampage’. This is the same engine used in ‘AI: Rampage’! AI: Rampage is already available on Steam!
Artistic Features:

AI: Rampage is one of the most user-friendly, entertaining and polished games of its genre.
“Rabiez: Epidemic” is a faithful sequel to this – and further enhances the experience. And here’s where it gets even better! As the game is itself a brilliant game, it includes a ton of content, features, and upgrades, all seamlessly integrated into a seamless gameplay and experience! “Rabiez: Epidemic” adds tons of content to the already enormous game! Plus, thanks to our new custom scripting engine, it will support all our future content updates!
Key features include:

All new, original NPC models
All new, original reactive content (doors, obstacles, windows, NPCs, enemies, etc.)
All new, original animations
All new, original, custom graphic effects
All new, original AI + sound effects
All new, original UI
All new, original sounds
All new, original leaderboards
And our list goes on and on!
Take the survivors to safety and stop the Rabiez-epidemic!

Game videos:

Game Trailer

“Rabiez: Epidemic” is now out on Steam!

Hi, thanks for checking us out!

We are a game studio based in Lithuania. Our aim is to make entertaining and memorable games by combining the best elements of both PC and mobile gaming. Our goal is


What’s new in Rabiez: Epidemic:

! A Polish Girl’s Life in America

Agata Rabiez, the only child of parents who immigrated to the U.S. just before World War II, has moved to Los Angeles and is adjusting to a life far different from the Polish village in which she spent the first 20 years of her life. [The picture includes Agata’s parents at the Polish Cultural Center in Santa Monica, California.

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About the Author

Amy Atwood

Amy Atwood is editor of the annual town survey.

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Amy Atwood, editor of the annual town survey, is bound by oath to show only literary venues and reviewers who meet their exacting standards. She enjoys reading all genres of fiction, and sports a fanatical devotion to genre fiction. Amy works in government public relations, in downtown Philadelphia. Amy also writes short stories and tweets anything she happens to feel like writing about.

Once more, Lord Sieghart had not answered my question. He was silent a few moments, and then he said:

“I am happy to hear of your success.”

“You have a distaste, sir, for my general tone of life,” I replied, finding it impossible to repress a little haughtiness. “I cannot see how such a preference could be rational.

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