RENDR offers the remodeling industry a quick, simple, and accurate project management and remote engagement platform.

BALTIMORE, Feb. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The RENDR app announced its official launch on the Apple App Store on Thursday, February 23, 2023. RENDR defines itself as the project management and remote engagement platform “built by contractors for contractors.” Those contractors are A.J. Ballantine and Jim Killorin, co-owners of Cornerstone Remodeling in Ellicott City, Maryland.

A.J. and Jim developed the idea that would later become RENDR to overcome the challenges they experienced keeping their company running during heavy pandemic lockdowns. “When we went through the pandemic, we couldn’t get into houses to bid projects. It was then we realized that it seemed like every other industry had a way to engage their clients remotely—except for guys like us,” says A.J.

The system they created is now a standalone mobile platform that allows contractors to measure rooms in mere seconds using the highly-accurate LiDAR scanning capabilities native to iPhone Pro and iPad Pro devices. Once scanned, users can generate and share floorplans and 3D models instantly.

Download RENDR to your LiDAR-capable iPhone Pro or iPad Pro on the App Store and get three free scans.

With the price of gas at all-time highs and pandemic quarantines fresh in the global rearview, technology solutions for the home improvement industry are long overdue. For decades contractors have been operating the same old way, despite seeing technology revolutionize other industries, like retail (Amazon), transportation (Uber), and food delivery (DoorDash). RENDR has set out to change that by modernizing how remodelers and other home improvement businesses operate.

RENDR replaces manual processes with a kit of mobile tools: Augmented Reality (AR) scanning measurement with an accuracy of 99.6%, detailed floorplans that include structural elements like windows and doors, and 3D models. Users can export floorplans and 3D models in several file types for industry-specific software.

Remodelers aren’t the only ones who see the platform’s value. Users in various roles across the home improvement space have incorporated RENDR into their workflow.

  • Design-Build Professionals are planning small and large projects, using it in the early stages of the sales process to get contracts signed faster, and generating quicker field drawings that can import directly into CAD programs
  • Interior Designers can quickly capture room measurements, import as-built plans, and export PDF files to sketch furniture layouts
  • General Contractors are producing quick as-built drawings, exporting files to CAD, and grabbing quick takeoffs like square footage and number of windows
  • Kitchen & Bath Designers are getting crucial elevations that show the location and height of windows and exporting to CAD quickly and easily

Brigid Wethington, Principal Designer at B. Chic Interiors, now uses RENDR to capture measurements for all her projects. “RENDR quite literally changed the game for me. Usually I am chatting with my clients while measuring. Nine out of ten times, I miss a little measurement and have to go back to the jobsite or embarrassingly ask the client to take a measurement for me. Those times are behind me now… It has been amazingly accurate and simple to use.”

RENDR is following up launch with exciting new features set to release over the next few months, including the ability to store multiple scans plus photos and videos all within the app, integration with key third-party platforms used within the industry, and more.

RENDR is currently available in a paid tier, called RENDR Pro, with a free trial offering three free scans without an account. RENDR Business, a more comprehensive tier with added features will be releasing soon. RENDR Pro starts at $499 per year, with a first year exclusive of $100 off, and RENDR Business will start at $699 per year.

RENDR helps professionals in the home improvement industry use technology to work smarter, so they can scale efficiently without sacrificing their lives outside of work. Headquartered in Maryland, RENDR is a team of contractors who have deep insight into the needs of their industry. Remodeling and other home improvement companies rely on RENDR to keep their organizations running smoothly and efficiently. For more information, visit us at


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