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There is a question about it in stackoverflow already, but it did not help me. In short terms it is an utility which executes a raw register instruction without the IO-Accessor accessing the low-level SystemResources.

How to disable HP-UX OS from being booted up by the BIOS

Windows XP is a member of the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems.
How to download and install HP-UX OS on your computer.So, there is a utility named “hpux-grub4dos” which is installed with HP-UX OS. All the major linux distros are also supported.
And you can also backup an image of your HP-UX OS with “hpux-backup” utility.
User’s Review of hpux-grub4dos.How to disable HP-UX OS from being booted up by the BIOS How to get HP-UX OS from downloading and installing HP-UX on your computer.
Find the chapter: How to disable the OS from being booted up by the BIOS.
For the latest versions of Windows go to

How to disable HP-UX OS from being booted up by the BIOS – Find & Bid

One of the advantages of using virtualization software is that it allows you to install multiple operating systems on a single computer.

Can Anybody Teach Me How To Install Unix-Like Systems In VirtualBox?

To run this command type: chcon –reference /var/lib/mnt/sysimage/object.dc0b9c66e60c6a5a6de7c5ec90b480d1.
A better way is to disable the HP-UX OS from being booted up by the BIOS. HP-UX OS – Help; Quick Help; HP-UX OS. How to disable the OS from being booted up by the BIOS. How do I force a Hard Disk or CD/DVD drive to stop auto-loading?.

How to disable HP-UX OS from being booted up by the BIOS

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REQUIREMENTSTo install and run this utility please make sure you have these items installed: • Version 16 or higher of HP-UX™ Operating System (OS).
How to download and install HP-UX OS on your computer.
In the last part of the series I will discuss How to Disable HP-UX OS From Booting Up By

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