Name[Revival] DOA6 Maid Costume – Christie
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Forget your dreams of becoming the greatest thief in the world. A silent assassin is coming to steal your hopes and dreams. You know what that means; you have to work hard! Remember! Your name is Christie, and you’re a Maid!Wield a variety of tools to solve puzzles, defeat a variety of enemies, and explore endless dungeons. And, don’t forget about the other maids! They’ll help you out during the game, and you’ll get to see them in action on your journey.But don’t just rely on your wits. One of your favorite weapons will help you in this game. Between bows, bombs, and other options, you’ll have to use what you know to solve the puzzles, beat the baddies, and make it to the end without getting mad with rage!

Recommended Playing Tip:
– The game allows you to speed up the game and skip cutscenes in the shop. Skip them in the Save section to achieve a perfect score!

The Most Important Rule:
– Players must have the latest update installed before using this content.

Editor’s Note:
– An attempt was made to re-release the ‘Save’ section separately from the game. However, there was a bug in the data format.
– A workaround is available to skip the cutscenes; however, because this was not accomplished, it is not possible to achieve a perfect score with this method.

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Special Note for Xbox One:
– For the sake of the gameplay experience, it is recommended that players do not play the save function from the developer menu after completing the game on the Xbox One.

A return of one of the favorites from the previous titles! A Maid costume for Christie.
– This content is also available as a part of a set for a discounted price. Be careful to not purchase the same content twice.
– You must have the latest update installed before using this content.
– You must purchase the character before using this content.
About This Game:
Forget your dreams of becoming the greatest thief in the world. A silent assassin is coming to steal your hopes and dreams. You know what that means; you have to work hard! Remember! Your name is Christie, and you’re a Maid!Wield a variety of tools to solve puzzles, defeat a variety of enemies, and


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Fallen angelโ€”but a hero to all. The gameโ€™s heroine who has returned to life after being defeated. Follow her as she continues her adventure of discovering the truth.
Her event story is different and has a whole lot of different events that are waiting.
She will grow more into a hero as she continues to explore.
Decide your own party creation and battle strategy.
Features [Revival]
– Coming of age event: recruit a hero
– New Maid costume
– New Maid weapon
– New playable character
– New adventure
– New scenario
Contacts [Revival]
– Director: Jin Yupeima
– Co-director: Hisashi Koinuma
– Planning producer: Shinya Ohira
– Chief planner: Tomoaki Kikuchi
– Script supervisor: Hiroki Kato
– Character designer: Nobuhiro Sato
– Scenario writer: Nobuyuki Ito
– Music Composer: Naoshi Mizuta
– Character voice director: Yuu Wakatsuki
Story Introduction:
โ€œI am a hero.
The daughter of an angelโ€”a fallen angel.
I have returned to life.
The people who dared to trust me trusted me with more than their lives.
Now, Iโ€™m trying to repay that trust.
Iโ€™m there to play with these people.
In my hands, they have given their power and responsibility to me.
Iโ€™ll protect them and make them happy.โ€
Feel free to use the item.
But we ask that the content be used for your enjoyment and not in anyway to be exchanged for money or any of that.
Thatโ€™s what is in it for all of usโ€”our own entertainment.
We are all trying to make a difference here.
Use the content with that in mind.
Thanks for your continued support.
We would like to sincerely thank you for playing [Revival] DOA6 Maid Costume – Christie, and hope you continue to enjoy the game.
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โ˜†- Character information

[Playable character]

Name: Christie

Voice: Yuki Hayashi

Playable Character: Yes

Gender: Female

Job: Maid

Brief History: Born on the day of a festival, she was raised by a family of dwarfs. She was born in the Kingdom of London, but came to Japan at an early age. She grew up to be a highly talented maid, but she did not have a father figure in her life, making her a lonely and shy girl. She ended up joining the Royal Family as their maid.


The one who was born in the royal family was raised by dwarfs as she was unable to fend for herself. She is a child who lived in such a lonely and secluded way, and so she was cut off from everyone else, only seeing the only two people in the world that she held a connection with. This made her timid and shy to others, but the one who was cut off from the world her whole life has taught her to be a bright girl, seeing life as beautiful. She also admires the royals, since she saw the fairy-tale like existence they had.


โ˜†- Skill information

Maid Skill (Restore):

The maid is very good at healing, so she’s good at cleaning and healing.

When she sees a person injured, she’ll rush over and help them. She’ll even return the favor when you see someone who has fallen down.

Cleaning Magic:

The maid has amazing cleaning skills. She’ll even clean up after the fights that go on in the Mansion.

Royal Family Skill:

Because the Maid is the royal family’s maid, they’ve taught her a lot of skills.

The Royal Family has trained her to become proficient with their weapons.

The most valuable skill is using the cannons.

She can wield a sword.

The royal family has taught her to become proficient with their weapons.

She’s also good at using the artillery.

She can wield the bows.

She can also fight with shields.

She can also handle a lance.

The royal family has taught her to become proficient with the cannons.

She can throw the grenades.

The Royal Family has taught her to become proficient with the artillery.



What’s new in [Revival] DOA6 Maid Costume – Christie:

Ah, my Rosebud, that was the most adorable costume I’ve ever designed. The variety of pranks we played with Christie in it was both silly and entertaining.

The link above is sold. If you want a copy that’s in the on-line shop, email me. Or of course, if this also happens to be your first rev, sign up. The cost is minimal: $16 for signed shipping confirmation. (the Blue Roses will come in three packs here, too!)

Life Log:

Early call: Majorly excited as I read the instructions for the Door Opener and decide on the last colour I would be using for this piece. Then I painted a big red circle in my bathroom and spent more than 12 hours cutting out pins and making the costume. My wife probably thinks it’s a failed experiment.

Week 5: Oh my gosh, now I just have to find something to use for the Door Opener. Eureka!

Note: I am using the term revivals as, virtually every project I do starts with a revival and then continues where it is left off. It’s hard to call this a master piece because there are improvements to be made.

If I do this part right, I will be able to continue with several more bits.

Week 7: I’ve been cutting out pins! I’d better be careful. The grass is turning to brownies.

Please check back.

I sent out my first edition of the Rosebud character set few days ago. The next rev is on the way.

If you haven’t decided to become a member yet, I’d love for you to click here. When you do, I’ll send you an email confirmation just to be sure we are on the same page. I’d also love for you to share the link in your Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. I’ll see you there.

… eh. Conserve your strength. Just the last quarter of a regular ball of paper…

Sent out a limited edition of a single character just for you.

Seeing the look on your face, I can tell the effort you just put into this art project completely won your heart. I hope it will make you smile or, at the least, give you a chuckle. My Rosebud as she appears in her many varied costumes.

Please feel free to ask any questions about the link above. To answer, please


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