SCORE Crack Keygen is a combination of an Open World Multiplayer Game and a Football Simulation.
The game contains a huge variety of items including:

-clothes, cars, guns, furniture, apartments and more.
-Shop to buy things with real money or earn them playing matches.
-A huge range of kits to customize your squad.
-Build your own stadium and be proud of the beautiful place where your fans can watch you compete.
-Race your city with the trendiest cars.
-Play with friends for fame and glory, fighting over the winning goal and the best result on the SCORE Torrent Downloadboard.
-Fight in the weekly leagues and try to go to the next level, by increasing your glory and buying better players.
-Compete worldwide, to build your global reputation.
-AI engines and online against humans.
-Try to build a club which nobody can afford.
-Thousands of items to buy and earn

Build your own Stadium.
High-end performance.
High-quality graphics.
Unlockable Content.
Build your dream Club with Buyable Items.
This game will give you the feeling that you’re playing “pro” by owning a team in the ASIAN LEAGUE.

Key Features:

Realistic engine.
Play with your own clubs.
Experienced Autonomous AI Engine.
New “Local” play mode, where up to 8 players can join in.

Development team:
SCORE APP Dev Studio

Official Website:

Special thanks to:

Vernos (
Creator of SCORE:

Vernos Support:

Unreal Engine:

Official forums and Social Media:

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SCORE Features Key:

  • STUNNING 3D rendered graphics
  • 3D PS3 Trello view of level layout


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The players are your club and your team.
Your club can start with 0, 1 or 2 players.
You can hire coaches and players to build your team and prepare for an International Cup, where you can compete with around the world in your living room.
SCORE lets you play, teach and train with your club.
SCORE is able to accommodate multiple platforms:
– Playstation and Xbox One
– PC and Mac
– Mobile (Android, iOS)
The game is free to download.
Get the best in gaming experience:
Play in your living room
– Local multiplayer
– Play online with your friends
Connect with your club
– Message players on forum
– Talk to players in-game
Professional experience with the world of clubs
– Vote for your favorite players
– Become the head coach of your club
– Send and receive messages with your club
From the developer:
SCORE was developed over a period of 3 years with the experience of the FIFA series.
The game offers many hours of gameplay and numerous play modes.
All of this for free.
Future releases will come with new features, leagues, tournaments, and an online component.
If you are interested in getting a head start, download and read the manual, and check the forum to share your experience and get help.


External links
SCORE on Google Play Store

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System Center:
The SCORE System Center is the heart of the Game, it connects any remote player into a fully playable game with all the features, audio, video and graphics that was built and fully debugged in the game development environment.It provides support for up to 8 players on the same computer and up to 16 players in LAN Networked environments.
The SCORE Play System is responsible for controlling the live game world, audio, video and input. It acts as a central hub for all gameplay, gameplay is only communicated between the Play System and all other Game Components through the SCORE Game Network.
The Game never has to wait for player input, every action the player takes is communicated back to the player to allow the player to take decisions. The player can communicate to the game with in-game messaging, a simple text string or any other in-game text communication. The player can also see the progress of all other players in the game (and the game could be controlled through a HUD if desired). The Play System also displays features like Live Stats, Player Stats, Match Time, Goal Scoring Updates, Player Interaction, Player Management and Player Control (more coming soon)
The Challenge system allows the player to jump into a challenge based environment where they gain a new coach, player group and goals and compete to win.
How SCORE works
SCORE works by having a representation of the game world in the SCORE Game Database. Each World played a game consists of a Game Object Actor, multiple Goal Objects and Players. The Goal Objects are responsible for holding all the information about the game world and players. The Goal Object contains the following:
Game Object Data
Player data (PID, Name, Position, Form, Team, etc)
General Game data (Goal Objects, Game Objects, players, Date, Time, team, opposition team, Competition, etc)
Player Status (Online, Acknowledged, Connection issues, etc)
Match Data
Player Mapping
Goal Mapping
Goal Holder Mapping
Player Movement and Management Data
Player Unattended
Player UI (UI Triggering, etc)
Goal States and Events
Can I Play?
To learn about how to setup your PC for SCORE game we recommend you to refer to these instructions:
How do I Play?Charles L. Baker

Charles Lawrence Baker (September 29, 1834 – May 30, 1892)


What’s new in SCORE: