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You’ve probably noticed some new EPA regulations making their way around the Internet. The subject matter has been quite interesting, but I wouldn’t read too much into it just yet. Before we go any further, a couple reminders:

BE SAFE: If you’re not 100% confident with DIY electronics projects, you should always consult a professional. In a case like this, best practices always included the following safety measures:

A solid work space and education about the proper use of power tools.

Use the correct tools for the job.

Protect the work area from stray electrical charges.

We also recommend choosing the safest, most consistent power source, whether it’s a table-top or a battery.

To quote the online Air & Waste Managers magazine: “Many of the new rules may be unnecessary or even risky, and they may not stand up to legal scrutiny.”

On that note, this article talks about the EPA’s new energy star requirements. This new energy star rating was established through an online petition, and it doesn’t apply to refrigerators or other appliances you already own. As the article further states, the energy star requirements are designed to improve energy efficiency, and while they make sense in theory, there’s been much concern about how the changes may affect utility and appliance prices.

The article on this site goes even further, reporting that:

“Energy efficiency is often regarded as the least important criteria for selecting appliances. However, there is a growing consensus that this may not be the case. Appliances are increasingly being designed to reduce energy consumption, and the market is responding by rewarding manufacturers that do this. Increasingly, consumers are demanding energy-efficient appliances, as they are increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment. However, energy efficiency is difficult to measure accurately, and

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