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✔ It is reliable.
✔ It is easy to use.
✔ Compatible with all of the Windows operating systems including: XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
✔ No Internet connection required.
✔ No setup required. Just run ShareScan to check your network.
✔ Can be run to check your Personal File Sharing.
✔ No password required. Just run sharescan with user credentials.

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I Recommend ShareScan to everyone

As the title says, you need one ShareScan. This is the only app that I found which can scan shares on any other computers on the LAN without installing software to other computers. You don’t need to log into other computers. After installation and launch, run the program. Click the Start button on the main screen and choose a computer that you want to scan.

After selecting a computer, you need to setup your Windows authentication credentials. Setup user credentials or user name and password. It is recommended for testing purposes to use your computer’s administrator password, but it is easy to setup your own Windows username and password for the use of your own device.

After a few minutes of scan, you will see the results on the main screen. If any shares found, you will be asked to enter the credentials to open it.

I would recommend ShareScan for everyone. You can use it to scan even on any Windows computers that are not logged into any account. It is reliable and 100% free.Midnight Basketball

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ShareScan For PC

ShareScan is a helpful Windows utility that will identify and report available open file shares on your network.
This tool will help administrators identify systems that have wide open permissions or no permissions which can be potential vulnerabilities that should be remediated.
The purpose of ShareScan is to provide a quick access point to identify files or other information that are being shared on the network
The ShareScan Features include:
-Identify files, folders, and printers shared by other computers on the network
-Scan for open shares from search engines like Google, Bing, Bing and MSN Search or from specific IP addresses
-Supports international characters like Japanese, Chinese, and Korean
-Monitor shares for changes so that administrators know what files are being shared
-Adjustable options for scan speed
-Possibility to email results to multiple email addresses
-Report sharing domains
-Send email notifications
-Add site to favorites to be able to instantly identify and reference files and folders
-Quick start and auto-shutdown
How to Use ShareScan:
Run ShareScan
-Select the scan speed
-Select the option to include printers
-Select the option to export scanning results to a.txt file.
-Click Start.
ShareScan Website:

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ShareScan (LifeTime) Activation Code

“ShareScan is a tool designed to help you identify computers that have enabled file and printer sharing for public use. With this tool, you can quickly scan a network for potential share vulnerabilities, for example, if computers have full permissions for public use but not for users accessing their own computers. You can use ShareScan to do this by entering a network or subnetwork address, but there is also a stand-alone stand-alone version of this tool. The stand-alone version can be used to scan specific systems in a subnetwork or for testing purposes.
ShareScan Features:
* Network scanner. Run on the computer of interest for a quick scan.
* Stand-alone version. Run on a separate computer to quickly scan a computer or subnetwork.
* Print report. Print a detailed report of all computers that have open shares.
* Scan subnet. Scan a subnet of IP address space. You can start the scan at a specific IP address.
* Synchronize. Synchronize ShareScan results with a central database.
* Statistics. Display total number of shared computers and the number of files shared. The results of the stand-alone version of ShareScan can be synchronized with a local database if needed.
* Scan UNC paths. Scan computers in a network using path-to-the-share UNC notation. Example, \\server\share\foldername.
* Users. Display a list of active users who have shares enabled.”

To install the latest version of ShareScan, please visit its website:

The script does not have visual feedback while scanning.

Why sharescan should be run on each computers on a subnetwork?

And also what kind of results would this tool show?
Thank you.


Sharescan is supposed to scan for the shares of file servers and access them. A file share allows a user to see the files on the share in Windows Explorer through the UNC path.
A user at risk without access to files in the share would be able to view documents or even change them.
It would be hard to do an automated scan for file shares, and hard to sort them, since the list is opened and closed with every activity.

What’s New in the?

The ShareScan utility is an easy-to-use Windows management tool that allows an administrator to scan a workgroup (or an individual machine) to quickly identify open Windows file shares available on the network. The tool uses Windows DNS queries to identify the hosts that are available to open file shares and returns a list of all of the open file shares. It does not query or modify any hosts to identify file shares but rather relies on Windows DNS queries, therefore, it is easy to use and maintain.
Version History:
6.01, 2010 (V1.0) – First Release. Added ability to limit number of hosts that are queried in response to a DNS query and the ability to limit results to specified time frame. Also fixed bug that did not allow query to be cancelled.
6.02, 2010 (V1.1) – Added the ability to specify the machine name and the path of file shares to be returned. This is useful if you are searching for a particular share or if you know the path to a file share that you want to limit to results.
6.03, 2010 (V1.2) – Added ability to create a listing of all of the file shares that ShareScan has detected without actually enumerating the file shares on the network. This is useful in cases when you know that there are no specific shares open that ShareScan should be looking for (such as when testing a file share scanner).
Windows 7 Beta 1, 2010 (V1.3) – Changed the default user agent from the BITS user agent to the HTTP user agent since IE10 no longer includes the BITS user agent.
Windows 7 RC, 2010 (V1.4) – This version includes a bug fix that was introduced in an earlier build of ShareScan that was causing some users to receive a false positive for the test to determine if a share was open on a Windows machine.
Version 6.00, 2009 (V1.0) – Added ability to quit ShareScan at any time.
Version 5.02, 2009 – Added ability to check for and remove duplicates.
Version 5.01, 2009 – Added ability to query other IP addresses on the network to find if a file share is open on any other host on the network. This is helpful for testing file shares on the firewall or gateway servers or any other firewall/gateway servers on the network.

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System Requirements For ShareScan:

OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2 or higher, or Windows 7 SP1
Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2 or higher, or Windows 7 SP1 Processor: Intel Core i5, i3 or equivalent
Intel Core i5, i3 or equivalent Memory: 3 GB RAM
3 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent Hard Drive: 20 GB of free space
20 GB of free space Video: 1920×1080