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1. Control the oscillators with the two VRs.
2. Set a constant, linear or pulse tempo.
3. Set different waveforms for each oscillator.
4. Send the different envelopes to the different oscillators.
5. Set the different functions to be controlled by the two VRs.
6. Use the tap-tempo to modulate your filter or the other functions.
7. Use the pitch-bend to modulate your filter or other functions.
8. Set the fixed oscillator ring mode.
9. Set the fixed oscillator count mode.
10. Turn on filter modulation for further versatility.
11. Choose to draw from a preset bank or empty memory in filter mode.
12. Set filters with different resonances, resonance offsets and filter types.
13. Set the octave spacing so that you can play notes more or less in tune.
14. Adjust the mixing parameters for different listening environments.
15. Turn on or off the ring modulator.
16. Turn on or off the pitch-bend.
17. Ramp up the different functions slowly and smoothly, or quickly and quietly.
18. Emulate the pitch-bend of a real synthesizer.
19. Choose between the preset and empty memory banks.
20. In filter mode, choose between the linear mode and the pulse mode.
21. Select a large or small pulse width.
22. Set an octave spacing.
23. Set a quick scan rate so that you can draw from the memory in a snap.
24. Set a small tempo value so that you can play instantly, like a real synthesizer.
25. Choose a low or high sample rate.
26. Choose a slow scan rate or a speedy one.
27. Save the current configuration for recalling during later play sessions.
28. Make the internal memory play back.
29. Save or load the current configuration from the internal memory.
30. In filter mode, turn on or off the ring modulator.
31. In filter mode, turn on or off the pitch-bend.
32. In filter mode, turn on or off the internal memory.
33. Set a sound until you lift the Wii Remote up, and then the sound stops.
34. Let two or more SiimpleSynths sound together by turning on their SiimpleSynthAudio channels, and then mix the two

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Siimple Synth is a module designed for use with the Wii MotionPlus™ accessory. Its powerful, versatile filters allow you to produce many unique sounds, and you can switch between them with the flick of a switch.

The module’s “dual parameter interface” allows you to control the cut, sustain, and release times of the filters by controlling the pitch of a remote, or by pointing your Wii Remote at the front of the module. These parameters can be changed via the touchscreen, as well.

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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

5 out of 5

Conor–22 Jun 2016


I really can’t say anything more about this module as it is amazing. Good job Project M.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

5 out of 5

Johann K.–06 Jun 2016

Set Up

The Siimple Synth is set up perfectly to use with the motion control system of the Wii as well as to use with a computer in another form of the software called “Siimple”.

I set it up and use it for a couple of weeks and went back to the computer software to run a bit of polyphonic music, and the motion controls kind of failed. All of my motion data was registered but the Wii software wasn’t registering the Siimple Synth’s characteristics.

I had to contact the official tester for Project M to get a response to this issue and he was able to guide me through correcting the issue and getting it working again. I even shipped the device to him and he took it from there.

Johann K.–26 May 2016

Worth it

For $350 you are getting a lot for the price. I paid around the $2k retail for a Vocoder and the price is comparable. It may seem like overkill for the price. But I can tell you after I got it for christmas it took about 2 months for me to be sold on the idea of motion control synthesis.

The Siimple Synth plays well as it should and you get everything you would want from the product.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

4 out of 5

The late lord Channing–21 Mar 2016

Hi folks,

SiimpleSynth Activator

Live Music Instrument With All Windows

Siimple Synth can be used so that  your Wii Remote to make wacky synthesizer sounds just by moving around.

It is Filter Modulation Synthesizer, which is controlled by the movement of the Wii Remote. It features two envelopes, preset storage, three trigger modes, and more! It is super versatile and loads of fun.

Siimple Synth is a unique way to play music. Now, it is not only a guitar simulator, but also a guitar synthesizer. Because of Siimple Synth, guitarists can connect their guitar to the virtual instrument, and make wacky and unique sounds, just with the movement of the Wii Remote. Even if you don’t have a guitar, you can still use Siimple Synth by using the included guitar effect and it is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Siimple Synth supports the GM, A and Thumb keys (the first three keys found on most keyboards). The GM and A keys function the same way as the guitar fretboard, and you can use the Thumb keys to play notes (Siimple Synth supports all three modes for playing notes).

If you use guitar distortion effect, you can use the built-in ADSR envelope to control the volume (the sound will become louder or quieter as you move the Wii Remote). The other effects are can be applied individually or in combination.

The Siimple Synth outputs the audio to your sound card (PC speakers or headphones), and the audio waveforms is displayed on your screen. You can adjust the mixing of audio and the display of audio waveforms.

Siimple Synth includes the presets all by default. You can play the guitar presets or use your own unique sounds. If you have a guitar, you can use this standalone virtual instrument without needing a guitar cable.

Siimple Synth is a virtual instrument; it is not a sequencer. You can only play a single note at a time. It is best to play with a loop. There is no way to save the currently played note. It is not an instrument that you can use to play backing tracks.

Thanks for reading this post, if you are interested to have it you can read its readme file, if you are interested in purchasing it and then have it mailed to you, here are some links:


What’s New In SiimpleSynth?

Part of the Portable Audio and Game series (PEAG), this
incredibly fun, high quality synth application is  loaded up with a wacky selection of filters,  envelopes,  synth sounds, and more.
Easily use your Wii Remote to control  Filter Modulation Synthesizer. This  portable synth features two envelopes,  preset storage,  three trigger  modes, over 20 built-in presets,  a sequencer, and  much  more.

This is an enhanced version of the original Wiimmote/DX synthesizer Siimple. It is not a new version of the original Siimple.

Siimple  is a  filter modulation synthesizer. It features two  envelopes, preset storage, three trigger  modes, and more. It is  super versatile and loads of fun.


NOTE: Siimple DX is a application that uses the Siimple DX synthesizer. Siimple DX is NOT Siimple.

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System Requirements For SiimpleSynth:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
Processor: AMD-A10 or Intel Core i3-5100
Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
Hard Disk Space: 20GB
Additional Notes: Save files/games in your SD card.Q:
Is it possible to have a JFrame that takes up all available screen space (even past the title bar)?
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