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What’s the point of creating multiple git tags in git repo?

I have created a sample git repo and pushed it on a server. I created some tags like v1,v2,v3 for each tag I pushed it on the server.
Now my question is what’s the point of doing all this, is it considered as bad practice?


As a quick explanation, a tag is a commit that is associated with a (usually short) URL, so you can remember where it is with the git-blame command. You can also tag a range of commits: for example, git checkout v2.3.4..v2.4.1 will change your work-tree to have commits v2.3.4..v2.4.1 applied.
The point of making tags is that you can easily create branches from the tags, so you can for example easily tag v1, and then create a branch to work on a bugfix that requires the modifications that were introduced in v1. If you’re really working with remote repositories, you can even get rid of your local branch that’s based on v1, and push to the remote branch that corresponds to it.

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