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More windows, less window clutter
Using the integrated Windows utility Visual Window Cleaner, you can customize the appearance of your Windows desktop. This utility allows you to clean up the clutter by grouping similar icons and windows into tight, easy-to-use modules. Most icons can be moved to new groups, or we can create new ones from existing menu items and shortcuts. Windows can be “melted” into larger groups or moved to a different desktop or folder. The current focus window can be moved to a new group.
The customizable “icons” are called “modules,” and are also called “spaces.” They can contain one or more icons, including windows. Some modules have a “default” icon and one or more “alternate” icons. Modules themselves may have windows associated with them. You may also want to place a dock at the bottom of the screen, showing a list of available modules and windows (see the “Dock Windows” section later in this article).
Visual Window Cleaner is fast, intuitive, and easy to use; we have installed it on more than 100 computers in a week with great results.
Group window by function
Visual Window Cleaner is unique in that the window groups themselves can be “melted” into larger groups. We can move a window to a new group if we want to. Windows can be grouped by their function, with specific windows/buttons grouped into specific pages for easier navigation. For example, we can move all the “Internet” windows into one group. Window groups can be created, moved, moved to a new folder or a second monitor. The window “melt” and “move” dialogs have drop-down lists for different window/desktop types; you can select the windows to be “moved” by name or by function.
The “Organize by function” and “Window” tabs let you combine windows by function, and organize the groups by subfunction or by folder/desktop (this latter menu only applies to windows in the same category). Also, you can create new “types” of windows by joining the “wallpaper” window or the “Control Panel” window together. When the same type of window is in multiple groups, we can select the ones we want to use for the current desktop and

Speech [Win/Mac]

The Speech Description utility will allow a user to create a Speech Description for that user, which will then be searched at the login screen to determine what display settings should be used. If no description is created, then the computer’s native display settings will be used.
Script Studio is a simple but powerful development environment for Windows.NET. You can write and run C# code in Visual Studio without having to recompile or recompile your application after your changes are made.
Script Studio contains a full-featured scripting engine, an editor for scripts, and an object browser which supports managing your application’s classes, interfaces, and objects. You can use Script Studio to dynamically create code, to interact with data sources, to call external processes and to automate repetitive tasks.
Script Studio is an easy way to quickly prototype and develop small.NET applications, and to easily build and debug solutions.
■ Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
■.NET Framework 1.1
Fire-n-Ice is a desktop utility that gives you complete control of the desktop, without the need to go to the System Properties. You can personalize its look and your desktop by changing the fonts, skins and colors.
You can create new desktop shortcuts. So you can easily launch any application without accessing the start menu.
You can take a look at the taskbar, the shortcuts on it and how they work, their properties and how you can rearrange them. You can also easily move the icons by drag and drop.
By typing keys on the keyboard, you can play a small (exe) file in the Internet Explorer or any other program.
Fire-n-Ice is also a small user-friendly application which allows to easily customize almost everything on the desktop.
■.NET Framework 2.0
■ Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Very small editor for SQL.
■ Windows 2000/XP
■.NET Framework 2.0
Simplify Multi System is an open source utility based on HTML and JavaScript technologies that will easily allow you to simplify the Multi-system mouse activities of any web browser.NET supported.
With a few clicks of the mouse you will have all the navigation capabilities of the MSCO MouseViewer on the Internet Explorer browser, but without the need to install on the operating system.
■.NET Framework 2.0
You can


This demo enables you to perform a set of virtual machine (VM) demos that show how the Forefront family of products can help protect clients, servers, and the network edge.
The Forefront family of products consists of two key components:
· Forefront Client Security: helps protect against malware in Internet downloads and email messages by applying the signature database available in Forefront Endpoint Protection;
· Forefront Enterprise Security for Exchange Server: protects email servers against viruses by blocking emails with malicious attachments;
As part of this demo, you will see these two products integrate and perform as one whole.
NOTE: The end-point policy blocks the VMware virtual machines from making any network connections to the Internet.
What is IMAgent?
IMAgent is the messaging hub that enables Microsoft Office Communicator to connect to other Microsoft Office products and services over instant messaging, voice, and video. IMAgent integrates Microsoft Office Communicator with other Microsoft products such as email, Windows Mobile, Windows Live Messenger, and Windows Small Business Server.
Microsoft Office Communicator includes a new IM client that allows you to have instant text chat with people in a group, even if they’re on a different computer. It’s the easiest way to stay in touch with people outside your office network.
This is a unified virtual-machine based demo environment containing IMAgent. After installing this demo, please read the accompanying Script Steps document that will show you how to demo the following capabilities:
1. IMAgent has been successfully installed and set up
2. IMAgent has a default gateway of on Ethernet port number 8
3. Windows Live Messenger is installed on the virtual machines
Note: the status of the Windows Live Messenger will be changed to “Installed.”
4. The default port used by Windows Live Messenger is 5099
5. IMAgent uses Microsoft Corporation’s instant messaging servers, AOL, Yahoo, and MSN.
6. You may access the Internet through the virtual machines when IMAgent is installed.
7. The domain of the virtual machines is {0}.local. The domain name should not include “.local.”
Speech Description:
This demo introduces you to IMAgent and allows you to perform a basic demo of how IMAgent works.
Before installing the demo on the host machine, please ensure that the following conditions are met.
Hardware Requirements:
· 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
· 10

What’s New In?

INBarcode is a free command line application which performs various operations on images and documents. So, that you can do something like: convert PDF to text, search keywords in documents, extract relevant text from pictures, detect logos, EAN/UPC and many more.
Fully compatible with the popular open source pdfautoconvert library, INBarcode makes barcode scanning extremely fast and easy. Moreover, it can recognize more than 50 different barcodes.
Supported file types:
The software can handle more than 50 different file types. INBarcode can identify by most of the barcodes that you can see on a product. You can save barcode as image, text or vector. It can extract text from PDF, Word, Txt, Html, Rtf, Ppt, Pdf, and Excel.
To have a better understanding about the functions of the software we are going to list some of them.
1. Convert PDF to Text: There are different steps that will be added according to the document you are trying to convert. First step is the conversion, in this step INBarcode creates a text file and saves in the specified output folder.
2. Extract Text from PDF: The software detects PDF files, and then it extracts text from it. INBarcode looks for line, text, and graphic elements inside the PDF document. To extract barcode from PDF it uses the barcode format information which is stored in the file.
3. Search Keywords: This feature is useful when you want to search certain text inside PDF document. You can specify the start and end of the search and it will search for the text from where you have started to search.
4. Detect Vector Logos: Identifies logos in a PDF and saves them as vector images in JPG or PNG formats. This feature is very helpful to create logo for your business and it saves extra time.
5. Extract Vector Text from PDF: If you want to create vector image you can convert your text to vector format. You can convert text to vector from.jpg,.png or.gif files with the help of this feature of INBarcode.
6. Search Barcodes: The software can search any kind of barcode in the PDF file. You can search by name, manufacturer, model, barcode type, and EAN/UPC numbers.
7. Convert Barcodes to JPG or PNG: This feature lets you save

System Requirements:

The game is meant to be played on a flat surface. For that reason, the game is played using a carton board base. The board is covered with rigid plastic sheets and the playing pieces are fitted with magnets. The board has a single slot to accommodate the base of the game.
The game can be played using plastic cards. Plastic cards are kept aside separately to avoid the possibility of tarnishing the game. The shape and design of the card do not need to be similar. However, the cards should have similar materials and should be free from moisture.