NameSpirits: Ciel Bleu
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The goal of Willard Rouse is to face all the challenges his new classmates and the teachers at Ficaso Academy.
It is all about:
-developing Willard’s spirit powers
-his relationships with his classmates
-the fights that the academy spooks put him through
-the trophies and awards that he can get
-the adventures he can get himself into
-and other things that will be revealed as the game progresses
All of these will help Willard prepare for the challenge ahead which is his first year at high school.
Willard can participate with the game by talking to people or doing certain actions. Any commands that he makes, even the optional ones, could change the course of events and alter the game’s story.
Watch Willard Rouse take on the challenges of school life. See what he will meet and what adventures he can have!
Ficaso Academy is a school where students are like pawns on a game board being played by the life forces from the other worlds. The students have become powerless due to the spirit jammers placed around Ficaso Academy. As a spirit bearer, Willard is the only person who can save the students. There are only three ways for him to proceed:
• Become a Spirit Being and be able to summon spirits.
• Work with forces from other worlds.
• Add Powers to make him stronger.
Willard must become stronger to win in the school life game of Ficaso Academy. Along the way, he will meet new friends and enemies. Willard must learn to face the challenges that await him at Ficaso Academy. Willard must take action because there will be no second chances.

Willard Rouse is an ordinary 17-year high school student who is often by himself. By accident, he discovered that he is a spirit bearer, one who could summon and use the power of spirits. After getting kicked out of Rainvalley Academy, he transferred to Ficaso Academy. Much to his surprise, Willard found himself in the company of great friends at Ficaso which led him to think that he could finally enjoy his years in high school without being misunderstood. However, Ficaso Academy is not what it appears to be. Willard started to have suspicions when he learned that the school prohibits students to make contact with the outside world until they graduate. Eventually, Willard realized that all the students in Ficaso are spirit bearers but they are unable to summon their spirits due


Features Key:

  • Amber/Red/Olivine/Aquamarine/Amethyst Beaches
  • Real 3D graphics (you can move and rotate your boat)
  • An animated Sextant display with the Light Lunar Eclipse each month. Moon phases
  • Flying Saucers, Fireworks, Hurricane and Weather Sprites
  • Colorful Seashells and Flowers
  • Realistic Moonrise and Moonset
  • Fish, Turtles, Dolphins, Sea Stars, Queen Angulas And Beach Belts
  • Aquamarine Water, Amber/Red/Olivine/Aquamarine Beaches
  • Aquamarine Ocean, Amber/Red/Olivine/Aquamarine Beaches
  • 2 Simulation Modes (Half Tide – Stop the tide or raise it – Full Tide – The waves will submerge the boat in both directions – The Boat will not sink) Realism
  • Fog, Rain, Sun rays, Fog Direction, Sun Rays Direction, Wind direction
  • Auto & Manual Zoom Control
  • Extensive Moon Phase Display (all Moon Phases)
  • Realistic Atmospheric Effects
  • Automatic & Manual zoom Control
  • Oscillator (with Oscillating Amethyst Beaches)
  • How to play?

    The lite version of the game allows you to play only 1 Beaches: Amber/Red/Olivine/Aquamarine/Amethyst Beaches. Basic gameplay Instructions:
    – Use the mouse to choose the type of beach: Amber/Red/Olivine/Aquamarine/Amethyst Beach.
    – With the left mouse button click on the right starting point of the oar.
    – To help you choose the right starting place, the cursor will be displayed on the bottom of the map, the color of the grid will change when the cursor comes over the anchor points of the beach.
    If you want to create a new beach, click on the red plus button in the bottom left corner.



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    Spirits: Ciel Bleu Crack For Windows is a one-on-one battle game where players will summon up spirits and use their powers to attack other spirits. Players will first create a player avatar out of a ninja-like figure as well as a spirit avatar and two spirit stones. The first spirit you summon is also the player’s “Pioneer Spirit” which will unlock a set of abilities that increases when you level up your spirit. You will also earn Spirit points when you defeat enemies with your powers. When your spirit is low, you can summon a “Supporter Spirit” or send out a “Friend” to help restore your spirit.

    Spirits Ciel Bleu was a common fixture on the iPhone App Store’s top free lists during May 2011 and was a featured title on Monday, June 12, 2011. A review of the game in The Wall Street Journal praised the game saying “Spirits: Ciel Bleu is a satisfying iPhone game about summoning spirits and guiding them to fight and eat enemies. A student-friendly introduction to the Japanese game genre kumo-jutsushi, it gives players the feeling of summoning and controlling a small army of ghosts.”


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    published:16 Jul 2017


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    What’s new:

    Werewolf is an alchemist, in charge of crafting elixirs that combine the essences of various creatures.

    Juggling Circles:

    Werewolf: This bull remains invisible in most situations, but might make an attack as Its head makes a bright yellow flash, scorching the opponent’s vision.

    Himalayan Stag:In sheep form, this “stag” ghostly ghost appears to be a shaggy yet red goat with ten legs. It is a dream spirit with special affinity to grasslands. It is well suited to leading a herd of sheep and caring for them.

    Silver Hair: Facing away from the opponent, this ghostly goat elixirs approaches them waving its fur. Even after it attack, they will be safe as long as they stay still. They can be used to block from behind, but will react very fast if used from behind.

    Filth:This dotty and slow ghostly wasp stands on two legs and wave its wings. Thanks to the weaving, each of those dots can be one of the opponent’s HP points. Only leave your opponent to move two spaces if you notice the warning and position yourself before the wasp comes out.

    Wisp:These pretty spirit swinging on red strings can swing from one enemy to another, triggering chain attacks and parries.

    Sinister Imp #1

    Juggling Circles:

    Sinister Imp: This imp flutters its billowing sleeves and turns the color of the sky. Detrimental effects increase by level.

    Lord of The Sky:This ghostly shepherd resides in the clouds. It is powerful and annoying, as it turns everything to its color.

    Ruan Shi: Located in a black hole, this lowly horse spirit is the smallest ghost of the horse spirits in the west. It is reluctant to wake you from a refreshing nap and can wander freely from place to place, not controlled by many spirits. It is unsure, but when you approach, it will jump and run away.

    Sinister Imp #2

    Juggling Circles:

    Sinister Imp: This imp waves its handkerchief, making nearby opponents vanish and manipulate their properties. Detrimental effects go up by level.

    Hooded Ghost: This slender ghost with bandana hair shrinks down to the size of a coin, revealing the mask concealed under it. It shakes its hand to make nearby opponents invisible,


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    DirectX® 10.0
    HD Graphics adapter (the recommended graphics card is an Intel® HD 4000 or higher)
    Recommended: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
    System Requirements:
    Samsungyu Gensan GOO-MU16GFX-L3 (Recommended: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor)
    Windows 10 – Recommended:
    AMD A10