August 10, 2022

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Streamer’s Life Trainer Download

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Unlikely Encounter with Foxy The Third: As Foxy and his sister were running away from the old ghost town, they found the broken down car of the old man. Foxy and his sister entered the car and the old man also entered, and drove away. And Foxy and his sister were left in the old ghost town alone.
Meanwhile, Miss Sakura was on her way to the old man’s house. She met with the old man’s wife.

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Series of movie clips start playing with each other

I have an animation with nine movie clips. I add an action script to each clip, which adds a button to the stage when clicked.
Each movie clip can be changed when clicked, and every movie clip can change the target of the button, depending on which movie clip is active.
Everything works fine, except for one thing: every movie clip can open the target movie clip of its own button and play it.
Is there any way to stop this?


You may want to try to start the play() within the on(MouseEvent.CLICK) function.
//code here;

An investigation is underway into the deaths of two babies at a Houston animal hospital after a man delivered four puppies on the floor of a doctor’s office and left the kids unattended.

“The 12-day-old puppy was found dead. It was a heartbreaking situation,” said Janelle Robinson, a former trustee for the North Harris Animal Care Center, a nonprofit organization in west Houston that had recently been given a clean bill of health.

Robinson, now director of the Humane Society of North Texas, said she and the animal hospital’s board first learned of the incident last Friday.

“It was devastating to see that. Especially for me, because I’m a puppy lover, and I love my puppies. And I just couldn’t imagine what the mothers were going through,” she said.

One of the two puppies died overnight Friday and the other was left unattended while its mother was being treated, Robinson said.

The puppies were treated at the facility but died after being taken to an emergency