Super Speed Internet & Browser Assistant is an application created to offer you a faster and safer way of browsing the Internet, both online and offline.
It displays a comprehensive, tabbed interface that is easy to navigate. The installation process takes a couple of minutes and requires your attention throughout because a lot of important aspects of the application are explained. Also, you get a quick tutorial on how to configure the tool.
The application can keep track of Internet activity and displays various general statistics such as cache size, total requests, cache hit ratio and saved bandwidth. One of its main features, and probably one of the best, is the fact that you can use it to keep track of how much it costs you to browse the Internet. It enables you to select the currency and cost per kilobyte and automatically updates the cost.
With this tool you can also save the downloaded cache files for a long time. This way, you can browse some websites while offline and save money by not re-downloading them.
It’s built-in security components enable it to block IP addresses, advertisement pages and websites with potentially harmful content. The application provides you with a large number of these filters but you can also add your own.
Super Speed Internet & Browser Assistant also enables you to set a range of allowed IP addresses and a download limiter, enabling you to preserve your bandwidth so your browsing speed isn’t brought down.
The application can also be used as an offline proxy and works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Seamonkey.
Super Speed Internet & Browser Assistant is a handy tool to have whether you want to keep track of your Internet bill, keep your computer safe from malware components and viruses, as well as block inappropriate content for other computer users.







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Super Speed Internet Browser Assistant

What’s New in the Super Speed Internet Browser Assistant?

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