Google uses more than 200 rankings signals to determine website rankings and assign domain authority, which in sum will determine how many impressions, clicks, and ultimately how much traffic a website gets.

That means it’s impossible to condense SEO services into one or even a few different action items – but even so, the best eCommerce SEO agency will optimize these 3 ranking signals for you.

If they don’t, the word “best” should be nowhere near their title, let alone in it.

Website Content (Landing Page Content, Page Titles, and Structure)

First off we have website content, including but not limited to landing page content, the on-page content on category and product pages, as well as content structure and page titles.

These we are intentionally keeping separate from blogs because, for the most part, they are very short form and don’t need industry-insider knowledge to write and optimize.

Think about page titles, for instance. Usually these are just a string of keywords.

Even so, the optimization of landing page content as well as page structure (which is sometimes considered an on-page factor) instead of being lumped under content, will make a huge impact on the performance of your website overall.

Also, “content,” though considered a ranking signal in and of itself, has several different factors nestled under it that determine its usefulness for SEO.

Among these are keyword density, structure, scan-friendliness, succinctness, general quality, age, and even who wrote it.

Some of these things an eCommerce SEO agency cannot control. Then again, an agency can control many of them.

Taken in sum, content quality is the biggest component of SEO.


You can consider this an offshoot of content, because it really is. But for the purpose of this article we’re categorizing blogs differently because they are much longer form.

This means the person that drafts and optimizes them has a real opportunity to write a very practical, useful long-form piece of content that will rank well and which (when properly optimized) can distribute link juice to other target pages on the website.

This gives blogs specifically a golden opportunity to serve as evergreen content that not only functions as a lead funnel, but which improves user experience, website authority, and can lift up the impressions of associated target pages on the website.

And one good blog, alone, can bring in hundreds if not thousands of new views.

This is another thing that (even though some businesses are reticent to outsource it) can really benefit them.

Images and Sizes (Speed)

If you use Google’s Page Speed Insights tool, in almost every instance, it will tell you that image file sizes are too large and are slowing down your website.

That is something with which the best eCommerce SEO agency should be able to assist.

Another area in which eCommerce SEO experts can help is with determining the quality of your images. Low quality images can impact UX which affects SEO, and moreover, if they are duplicate images (such as product images from the manufacturer) and not properly canonicalized, they may get flagged and incur a penalty on your website.

Working with the Best eCommerce SEO Agency

Interested in starting an SEO campaign or some other digital marketing strategy but you’re not sure how to determine what the best eCommerce SEO agency is?

Consider this:

  • Check out how well the digital marketing agency ranks organically.
  • Read reviews, specifically reviews off their website.
  • Look for a client portfolio and read any available case studies that deal with eCommerce SEO services or search engine optimization in general.
  • Consider if they offer additional marketing services like social media marketing or content marketing (which can supplement and support eCommerce SEO strategies).
  • Consider how long they have been in business (10+ years is best).
  • Ask for references.
  • And see if they have any credentials from website platforms or Google.

All of these things can help make it easier for you to choose an eCommerce SEO company that will help you boost organic traffic, revenue, and sales.