Fancy becoming a videogame developer? You’ll love our easy-to-learn, free platform that lets you create your own games!
Draw, sculpt, paint, animate — even code and share your creations — all on a single platform. Play popular social games, or create totally original experiences with your friends. It’s completely free, and millions of players are already enjoying the limitless possibilities of Roblox.
======UPLOADING VIDEO FROM WEBSITE~~Engine: Changelog:v1.0.6Added: mute button/options.v1.0.5Added: new team line cutscene.v1.0.4Added: new game background.v1.0.3Added: highscores on stop.v1.0.2Resolved: issues with sound.v1.0.1Added: game intro cutscene (thanks circlestory)!v0.9.6Fixed: players jumping after a cutscene.v0.9.5Fixed: inconsistent menu re-entry.v0.9.4Fixed: cutscenes played when the same team just won or lost a match.v0.9.3Fixed: some errors at the end of the highscores table.v0.9.2Fixed: missing players in most rooms.v0.9.1Fixed: clipping through the middle of some rooms.v0.9.0Fixed: text overflowing the right side of rooms.v0.8.2Resolved: issues with crashing when joining a room.v0.8.1Fixed: pathfinding issues.v0.8.0Added: increased compatibility with AO VideoPlayer 2.8.8Added: new options menu. Added: The End option. Added: team chat.v0.7.6Added: filtering by players via search bar.v0.7.5Removed: tips in chat.v0.7.4Added: poster in the chat lobby.v0.7.3Added: multiselect. v0.7.2Fixed: multiselect bug. v0.7.1Fixed: no icon on popup.v0.7.0Fixed: no chat after the first match.v0.6.8Fixed: mouse click not being on-screen.v0.6.7Fixed: clicking on Mute button not working.v0.6.6Fixed: chat bug.v0.6.


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Billionaire Quadruple Platinum-Selling Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown has apparently, overnight, become the subject of controversy and threats.
It appears that a text file – which someone named “Grin” posted to the.bat file hosting site, 4chan – now has file-sharing sites like BitTorrent in an uproar.
What is supposedly a coded program to generate money, has purportedly caused a lot of debate.
And apparently, someone created a seemingly-buggy “server” on the Virtua Fighter website, where a number of people have hacked into a page on the site, just to draw attention to it, and delete it.
And in the meantime, anyone trying to download it from the site, without finding a program to run, get’s redirected to a page with links to supposed fake antivirus software, which, apparently, causes problems.
If anything, the situation would have had half the fervor in the media…if not for the controversy over that supposed text file.
If it was a hoax, good grief…it’s only two days, and one would be pretty hard pressed to put stock in any rumor, these days.
If it was real? Then, you have a problem on your hands…if indeed, that is what “Grin” was attempting.
If the file was intended to do anything other than generate…well…more money.
Then, anyone who accidentally downloaded the file is out, a lot of money, and a sense of honor.
On 4chan, where the file was posted, one of the participants in the thread trying to decipher the text said the first thing he tried was looking for the start of a text file.
Someone created a text file, on the site, titled “Grin.txt” – “Grin” being the user who created the alleged text file.
It opens with the nonsense words: “Billionaire Quatrople Platinum-Selling VF5 Final Showdown has apparently, overnight, become the subject of controversy and threats.”
Someone also posted the file to sites like torrent, Kazaa, and BitTorrent.
In all of the torrent sites where the file is posted, it is grouped with other “Software” files, seemingly legit, so nobody even bothers to investigate it.
The file is now floating around, with different users trying to “determine” if it is indeed a fake, or not.
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Roblox is a virtual playground and toy box, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, and have fun. It’s best known for its multiplayer gameplay and ability to easily create your own content. Roblox has millions of players from around the world and more than 10 million…

On Roblox, create your own playground and share it with your friends. Play an epic new game or just roleplay with your friends. Make new friends, earn free robux, and have tons of fun with a community of millions of kids. Everyone can make their own avatar and come…

Two in one! With Dungeon Dojo, you can play two new multiplayer games on the go! The Game Maker and the Dungeon Master. Become your own super hero and beat the enemies on your way to victory! Or become a crazy Dungeon Master, and set traps, and find hidden treasures for…

Flippy Mini Golf is one of the many mini golf games you can play on Roblox, the best place to play games with your friends.
Many new places and surprises await you in this action-packed mini golf game. Have fun at Flippy Mini Golf by trying your luck with the flippers,…

Build your favorite ships and spaceships with LEGO, the world’s #1 construction toy brand. Craft, create and imagine with more than 2.4 billion bricks and access over 8.0 million different combinations!
Set up your LEGO city and challenge your friends in races or create…

Build your favorite ships and spaceships with LEGO, the world’s #1 construction toy brand. Craft, create and imagine with more than 2.4 billion bricks and access over 8.0 million different combinations!
Set up your LEGO city and challenge your friends in races or create…

In SUPER REALITY™ 4.5, your goal is to survive as long as possible by building the highest tower while you fight a horde of mutants.
SUPER REALITY 4.5 offers 5 new exciting gameplay modes for an endless fun!
GravityCube: NEW GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCE- Completely new way to play GravityCube….

Battle for territory! Which army will rule the world? The night is a time of darkness and monsters in BROTHERHOOD. There are no rules. Fight and ally with other players and win. Engage in strategic battles with 20 vs 20 players.
Joining an army means you join an alliance of friends


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