The meaning of performance tuning your bike means making minimal changes that will optimise its performance. One can do so by changing the fluids, altering the air-to-fuel ratio on the carburettors, and moreSuch a measure is necessary as, with time, the performance of the bike declines. The fuel economy suffers and reduces with time. 

That is quite a common phenomenon and happens with most bikes. The bikes with the same model differ in fuel economy depending on whether they are new or old. Upon starting the old bike, the rider may feel hiccups. The bike is not as smooth as it was before. Visit a mechanic for the performance tuning your bike. 

Every biker wants to upgrade their bike’s performance. The best bike performance upgrades depend on the bike’s speed, handling and power. All these factors together give the biker a powerful machine. 

The best way to regulate bike performance is through fuel injection. Plug-ins like the POWERTRONIC V4 ECU controls the fuel injection as well as the fuel ignition. 

What Does Performance Tuning Your Bike Include? 

Performance tuning your bike includes things that can significantly improve the bike’s performance. It will make the bike perform just like the day you bought it.  The “tune-up” is a high level of maintenance than the regular ones for your bike. It is not just about changing the oils and filling the tyres with air. 

The tune-up covers a lot of things that regular maintenance does not include. So, what are they? Different things come under tune-up. It ensures that every bike component runs smoothly. Such components include: 

  • Changing the brake fluid 
  • Replacing air filters 
  • Changing the brake pads 
  • Lubricating and setting the chain 
  • Adjusting the valves 
  • Carburettors tuning 
  • Tyre Balance  

The Process to Check the Bike During the Tune-up Session 

The performance tuning your bike is quite like a full-body medical check-up. The “health” of the parts ensures the performance of the bike. Let’s see them in detail.  

  • Engine Oil and Brake Fluid 

Changing the engine oil on time is crucial as it improves performance. The oil works non-stop throughout the riding time, and it becomes thicker. It might stop lubricating the engine as it becomes thicker. Therefore, changing the oil on time is necessary to maintain a well-lubricated engine.  

  • Maintenance of the Filter 

Another step of performance tuning your bike is filter maintenance. The filters are what keep the bike engine cool and healthy. It is imperative to check the air and oil filters during maintenance. You will need to change the oil filters regularly.  

  • Tyres 

The maintenance care is not complete without inspecting the tyres. Tyre care is equally important. The tyres need to be adequately inflated. Properly inflated tyres are fuel-efficient to ensure your bike performs best. 

  • Chain 

The bike chain is also important in the proper functioning of the bike. Every time there you perform the performance tuning your bike, you must also check the bike chain’s condition. If you find the chain loosening up, you must tighten it at the check-up. The regular inspection keeps you updated on the condition of the chains. 

Using wheel adjusters to fix the loose chains will fix the issue. Additionally, any indications of rust also mean that the chains need cleaning. Tuning the bike would include lubricating the chains for seamless performance. 

  • Brake Pads 

Last but not the least, you must ensure that your brake pads are in good condition. Remove the callipers and check if they are wear and tear. If you find it, replace them. Ensure that there is enough pressure on the front brake lever. 

How Often Should You Tune Your Bike? 

When it comes to performance tuning your bike, there is no set timeline. It depends on how one uses the bike. If there is regular use, you may need to tune it more often than those who take the bike out for a ride on occasion. It also depends on the model and age of the bike.  

Nevertheless, taking your bike for a tuning every two to three months is best. If it is a new bike, taking it for a maintenance check-up every six months is best. As a bike owner, it is wise to invest in the accessories for your bike. Such accessories protect the bike part and make your ride comfortable and smooth. 

The tune-up has double benefits. It not only ensures the good performance of your bike but also guarantees your safety as you ride it. Taking care of the bike mentioned above parts from time to time will ensure optimal performance.  

Now that you know the process of performance tuning your bike, it is best to invest in high-quality fuel and engine. The best fuel will properly lubricate your engine, ensuring a smooth and fuel-efficient performance.