The Top 10 Indian Jewellery Brands for Everyday Wear

One of the most adaptable and classic items of clothing that may enhance any ensemble and improve your mood is jewellery. It’s a great method to express yourself and showcase your uniqueness. The need for distinctive daily items is increasing, and in response, local jewellery manufacturers have become more well-known. The key to choosing jewellery that is durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing is to look for items that fit these criteria. They make it simple for you to add them to various looks and outfits.

Continue reading for a collection of understated yet fashionable jewellery from Indian businesses to complete your summer wardrobe and spruce up your everyday appearances.


Gauri and Radhika Tandon are the designers of the Mumbai-based Isharya brand. They create jewellery that pays homage to nature using materials that are safe for the skin and the environment. For women with discriminating preferences, they design unusual and classic designs inlaid with multicoloured crystals, gold, silver, and pearl beads. With these highly wanted styles, you can dress up anything, from your dining attire to your workday.

Jewels by Radhika Agarwal

With Radhika Agarwal Jewels, you can give your regular outfits a contemporary edge. There are countless alternatives to chose from the label’s collection, including stacking rings, multi-layered necklaces, and minimalist earrings and traditional hoops. You’ll appear gorgeous whether you pair them with other items or wear them alone.

Household Jewellers

With Outhouse’s gilded jewellery, show off your daring side! You’ll discover everything you need to enliven your everyday outfit, from unisex bracelets and convertible chains to customised charms and voguish studs enhanced with Swarovski crystals, gunmetal plating, mother of pearls, and more.

Suhani Pittie

Suhani Pittie, a fashion designer based in Hyderabad, creates simple, wearable pieces with a strong sense of heritage. They are made of mother of pearl, gold, silver, copper, and other materials to elevate your sense of style. Rings, cuffs, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that you may wear all summer long and long afterward can upgrade your everyday attire.

Bhatt, Aditi

Let your jewellery speak for you! Wearable artwork by Aditi Bhatt, which is colourful and upbeat, tells a singular and individual story. Her creations are excellent discussion starters because they expertly blend classic components with modern aggressiveness. Choose from her beautiful selection of fuss-free accessories and semi-fine jewellery to glam up your #OOTDs.

Onena Ahluwalia

In search of ethereal pieces? Eina Ahluwalia is a pioneer in conceptual jewellery, presenting powerful, enlightened, soulful, and individualised selections that are each filled with intention and significance. Choose from her exquisite assortment of thin, minimalist items that, depending on the situation, may be dressed up or down.


Do you enjoy uncut, uncooked jewels? Discover Zariin, a company situated in Delhi that specialises in contemporary Indian jewellery. They include everyday accessories such as waist belts, anklets, lengthy necklaces, danglers, little pendants, and more. It serves as a one-stop store for all jewelery varieties. For a welcome break from the ordinary, the firm provides colourful beads, gold plating, and uncut gemstones. With their customised jewellery line, you can even have your name or zodiac sign created in a variety of ways.

Shaheen Abbas’s poem Flowerchild

Are you looking for tiny, temple jewellery sets online? You can count on Flowerchild by Shaheen Abbas’ immaculate jewellery to draw attention. Abbas, who is renowned for her intricate work and distinctive patterns, wants to give every woman a daily sense of glitz.

Are you looking for tiny, hefty jewellery? You can count on Flowerchild by Shaheen Abbas’ immaculate jewellery to draw attention. Abbas, who is renowned for her intricate work and distinctive patterns, wants to give every woman a daily sense of glitz.

With attractive items from Zohra, you can elevate your game when it comes to daily accessories. For new-age women to treasure, they are embellished with semi-precious stones and gold plating. The pieces in the collection, which also includes cuffs, bracelets, and necklaces, are influenced by aspects of geometry and nature. You’ll be prepared for all of your meetings, brunches, and vacations if you pair them with your regular attire.

Choose from the following collection of entrancing and vibrant items from India’s premier designer brands. These eye-catching items will add just the right amount of shine to your outfit, whether you’re going to a meeting, running errands, or just hanging out with your loved ones.

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