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ThrashIRC Crack Keygen is an advanced IRC client that offers support for multi-threaded connections which enable you to join up 20 IRC networks simultaneously. It integrates DCC file resume and send options, built-in spell checker, emoticons, as well as UTF-8 character support.
Prior configuration settings
When you run the tool for the first time, you are required to choose the desired nickname. Two preset nicknames have been created for you and you can easily alter them to fit your preferences.
By default, ThrashIRC 2022 Crack connects to the Freenode network but you can choose another one from a drop-down list. Plus, you are allowed to select the channels that you want to join.
Well-organized set of features
Compared to other IRC clients that sport a plain interface, ThrashIRC delivers a user-friendly working environment. It comes with a multi-tabbed layout so you can easily switch between your favorite channels.
What’s more, it integrates several handy buttons in the primary panel for helping you quickly trigger several actions, such as insert emoticons, highlight text and look for it on the Internet via your default web browser, view a list with URLs clicked in the chat, grab URLs from your web browser and paste them in the chat window, change font settings, switch between tile or stack windows, automatically join your favorite channels, and search server for channels.
You can make use of right-click operations on the chat window for copying the selected text, performing search operations, marking yourself as away, and clearing the text, as well as on the list with buddies in order to access various features, such as kick, ban, OP/DEOP, check user’s client version, time and ping, open private message window, and add or ignore buddies.
Client behavior
ThrashIRC lets you connect on startup, change the interval of time the utility waits before it checks for a server pong, rejoin a channel when kicked, enable or disable emoticons, activate the time stamping option, use a spell checker and add new words to the dictionary, configure flash window and sound events, as well as pick the saving directory for logs and received DCC files.
Channel management
The program lets you search for channels, make use of channel mode to control who can join a channel and what people can do in a channel, log a channel or private message, alter the text and background colors, add an address to the channel ban list, set

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ThrashIRC With Key [Mac/Win]

IRC Connector, multiple IRC networks support, multi-threaded connections, file resume and send options, built-in spell checker, emoticons, UTF-8 character support, font settings, tile or stack windows, automatic join, search for and open channels in a browser, toggle between window operations, insert emoticons, highlight selected text, search URLs in chat, view URLs, change fonts, check client version, time and ping server, edit your IRC log, view buddy list, change server settings, log mode, as well as a lot more. Features: * Support for multiple IRC networks, such as Freenode, QuakeNet, Spzi, Deluge, ChaosBot, and many more. * Multiple tabbed windows for quick and easy switching between channels. * Enable or disable feature to check if you are online by pinging IRC server. * Automatic client name configuration. * Select your desired nickname from a list of pre-created nicknames. * Change nick and mode easily. * Allow only contacts from a list of predefined and approved users. * Full Unicode support. * Autofont support for Cygwin users. * Spell check. * Direct file send and resume. * Multiple configurable channels, such as *kernel* *windows* *playstation3* and many more. * Automatic channel mode for controlling which users are allowed to enter a channel. * View profile and add users to the buddy list. * Edit the text and background colors. * Channel search. * Backup IRC logs to your desired path. * Add and delete IRC contacts from the buddy list. * DNS lookups: use your system’s default DNS server ( by default). * Live updating: keep your connection active and up-to-date with the latest server messages, even if you are offline. * Channel mode to control what users can do in a channel. * Automatic channel join. * RTL layout support. * Configurable IRC server search. * Connect to IRC servers on startup. * Log the real IP address of your IRC client. * View the real IP address of your IRC client. * Auto-detects client protocols. * Open a web page in your default web browser when clicked on. * Banned users list. * Number of banned users to display when clicked on. * Show nickname. * IRC user status. * Timestamp with your local time. * Enable the time server option. * Enable the ping option. * Configurable window layout. * List

What’s New in the ThrashIRC?

ThrashIRC is a configurable multi-threaded IRC client that supports all popular IRC networks as well as DCC file transfers. Th…1. Field of the Invention
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.8 GHz or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 video card
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 10 GB available hard drive space
Additional Notes:
Processor: 2.0 GHz or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
DirectX: Version