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Toolbook Neuron 64 Bit Download

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Toolbook Neuron 64 Bit Download

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wpf – Access top most window from second window

I’m working on an application to help define a gaming server and client.
Basically, I have the client, a pubsub window which subscribes to a particular ‘channel’ on the server.
I then have a console window which will start when I run the app.
What I want is, on closing the console window, to stop listening to that channel and then display the new pubsub window. I can’t see any obvious way of doing this (searched a bit and found this but that won’t work).
Anybody any ideas?


How about this:
1) Create a (class) event handler method in the ConsoleWindow to subscribe to the unsubscribe event of the channel.
2) Place the consolewindow.unsubscribe method in the ConsoleWindow.Dispose() method (if you dispose the consolewindow)
3) Add a subscriber field to the ConsoleWindow and in the mainwindow’s constructor subscribe to the ConsoleWindow.unsubscribe event.
4) After stopping the eventlistener add a MessageBox to the ConsoleWindow.Show() method.
using the standard MessageBox class is probably not a good idea, but a simple MessageBox would suffice in this case.

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