Octagon Solutions is a leading provider of tools and equipment for the flexo and rotogravure printing industry. We offer a wide range of products that are designed to meet the needs of the industry. Our products are made from high quality materials, which ensure durability and accuracy. Octagon Solutions is committed to providing excellent customer service and support, ensuring that their customers receive the best products and services. Octagon Solutions is a manufacturing company that specializes in providing a wide variety of products for the printing industry.

1. Nitto Tape
A Nitto tape is a versatile adhesive tape commonly used in the printing industry. Its excellent adhesion properties make it ideal for securing materials during transportation, preventing damage to delicate prints and ensuring a secure fit on reels. Nitto tape is known for its durability and resistance to moisture, making it an essential tool for efficient and safe handling of printing materials.

2. Reel Stretch Wrapping
A Reel stretch wrapping is a method used to secure large rolls of paper or other printing substrates onto a reel. This technique involves applying stretch film around the reel to provide stability and protection during transportation and storage. By tightly wrapping the reel, the stretch film prevents shifting and damage to the contents, ensuring that the materials remain intact and ready for use in the printing process. semi automatic stretch wrap machine


3. Ink Mixing Roller
Octagon Solutions is a leading manufacturer of Magnetic Ink Mixing Roller or Ink Mixing Roller, An ink mixing roller is a specialized tool used in the printing industry to blend and mix inks. It facilitates the homogenization of inks, ensuring consistent color and texture throughout the printing process. Ink mixing rollers are designed to efficiently disperse pigments, reducing the risk of streaks or uneven color distribution on prints.

4. Cylinder Cleaning Solution
Octagon Solutions is a leading manufacturer of Cylinder Cleaning Solutions, A Cylinder cleaning solutions are used to remove ink residues and debris from printing cylinders. These solutions are specially formulated to dissolve dried ink, ensuring that the cylinders remain clean and free from contaminants. Regular cleaning with the appropriate solutions helps maintain the quality of prints and prolong the lifespan of printing equipment.

5. GSM Round Cutter
Octagon Solutions is a leading manufacturer of GSM round cutter , A GSM round cutters are used to measure the grammage (weight) of paper and other printing substrates. By accurately measuring the weight per square meter, printers can determine the quality and thickness of the materials. GSM round cutters provide a quick and efficient way to assess the weight of substrates, allowing printers to select the appropriate materials for their specific printing needs.

6. Five Light Color Matching Cabinet & Seven light Color Matching Cabinet
Octagon Solutions is a leading manufacturer & Supplier of Color Matching Cabinet and we understands the importance of accurate color matching in the printing industry. Their Color Matching Cabinet with 5 lights provides an ideal environment for examining and evaluating color samples. Equipped with multiple light sources, including D65, TL84, F, UV, and CWF, this cabinet enables precise color assessment under different lighting conditions. The ergonomic design and intuitive controls make it easy for professionals to compare and analyze colors accurately, ensuring consistent results across various printing processes.

Taking color matching to the next level, Octagon Solutions introduces the Color Matching Cabinet with 7 lights. In addition to the five standard light sources mentioned earlier, this advanced cabinet includes two additional light sources, TL83 and A, further enhancing color evaluation capabilities. This comprehensive system allows users to assess color samples under various illuminants commonly used in different industries. By providing a complete range of lighting options, Octagon Solutions empowers printing professionals to achieve exceptional color accuracy and consistency.


7. Bursting Strength Tester
Octagon Solutions is a leading manufacturer of Bursting Strength Tester Machines, A bursting strength tester is a device used to measure the strength and durability of paper and paperboard. This equipment applies pressure to a small area of the material, determining its resistance to bursting or breaking. By assessing the bursting strength, printers can select substrates that can withstand the rigors of printing and subsequent handling processes.


8. Multicolor Pantone Formula Guide & Pantone Formula Guide
Octagon Solutions is a leading manufacturer & Supplier of The Multicolor Pantone Formula Guide, The Pantone Formula Guide is a comprehensive collection of standardized colors used in the printing industry. This guide consists of swatches that represent a wide range of hues, shades, and tones. The multicolor Pantone Formula Guide provides printers with a reliable reference point to match colors accurately. By selecting the appropriate Pantone color code, printers can communicate their desired color specifications with precision, ensuring consistent color reproduction across different printing processes.

While the Pantone Formula Guide offers a wide range of colors, the Pantone Shade Guide focuses specifically on different shades of a particular color. This guide allows printers to explore various tonal variations within a specific color family. By referencing the Pantone Shade Guide, printers can select the most suitable shade for their project, ensuring consistent and nuanced color reproduction.

9. Fixed LED Stroboscope
Octagon Solutions is a leading manufacturer & Supplier of Fixed LED Stroboscope, A fixed LED stroboscope is a powerful instrument used to assess the rotational speed and synchronization of printing machinery. By emitting short-duration, high-intensity light pulses, the stroboscope allows printers to freeze the motion of rotating components. This enables them to identify any irregularities or discrepancies in the machinery’s speed or timing, aiding in troubleshooting and ensuring consistent and precise printing results.

10. Portable U-Tube Stroboscope & Stroboscope LED Hand Model
Octagon Solutions is a leading manufacturer & Supplier of Stroboscope and this Portable U-Tube Stroboscope ia Similar to the fixed LED stroboscope, the portable stroboscope is a handheld device used for inspecting and monitoring rotational movements. This compact and portable tool emits bursts of light synchronized with the rotation speed of the machinery, creating a stroboscopic effect. By observing the motion under the stroboscopic light, printers can identify any irregularities or misalignments in the moving parts, enabling them to make necessary adjustments for optimal performance and color accuracy.

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Octagon Solutions is a leading manufacturer & Supplier of Stroboscope and The Stroboscope LED Hand Model is a versatile tool that utilizes advanced LED technology to enhance the inspection process in the printing industry. Its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface make it an indispensable asset for printers, print inspectors and quality control personnel. With its high-intensity LED lights, the Stroboscope LED Hand Model illuminates the printing press at a precisely controlled frequency. This strobe effect freezes the motion of moving parts, allowing for detailed inspection and identification of potential issues such as gear misalignment, roller slippage, or vibration. By pinpointing these problems, operators can quickly take corrective measures, minimize downtime, and optimize productivity.


In conclusion

flexo and rotogravure printing require specific tools and equipment to produce high-quality prints. The Bursting Strength Tester, Ink Mixing Rollers, Spiral Bar Coaters & Bar Coater Pad, Reel Stretch Wrapping, Nitto Tape, Lutz blade, adhesive solvent Teflon dam, brown brass brush, cylinder cleaning solutions, GSM round cutter, and color matching cabinet and Multicolor Pantone Formula Guide & Pantone Shade Guide, Fixed LED Stroboscope, Portable U-Tube Stroboscope, Stroboscope LED Hand Model are some of the commonly used tools and equipment in these printing methods. Octagon Solutions is a leading provider of these tools and equipment, ensuring that the industry has access to the best products and services.