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As far as I can see from this post you are simply using the wrong encoding for the UTF-8.
I see that the first line is the character encoding used.
From the docs ( ):

The eps file contains data based on the TurboCAD internal unit system
which is a very close representation of the SI (S) unit system and
several alternative units systems (see driver’s manual)

I think you should be using UTF-16LE for the character encoding as the others just use the SI unit system.
Edit: Try this for the character encoding of the eps file:

appdata\local\turbocad pro platinum 20 keygenl

The best approach is to look at the file that is posted on GitHub.
I just looked at the sample.cpp file and the call to the savePacket function is:
(u_char)0xff, // frame identifier: This specifies the uframe.
IFS_NET_SIG, // data type: Network/Capture
0xff, // system flags: constant(see below)
rcvdPacketLength, // received packet length
0x0, // not applicable for system flags
(u_char *)packetData, // packet data
packetLength, // packet length
(u_short)2 // packet data stream number

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