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This is a simple tool designed to analyze the content of text files. This
tool is written in Pascal, and it is free of cost. Being accessible
through a command line of your choice, the tool is compatible with older
Windows OS versions as well.
The tool has been built to replace or make easier to use the various
command line tools that can be found on the Internet. It provides you with
a simple means of analyzing the contents of text files such as
xml/html/plain/csv/txt/xsl files, once you know a few basic lines of


The tool came from a need of a powerful means of analyzing the content
of a text file. Most of the solutions, both free and paid, on the Internet
simply display some relevant information about the current file. There is
no more information about the file than that, and this is the very
strangest part about these methods.
Think for example of the file.config/metacity/window-buttons-unity.xml,
as shown below:

What are the files that contain this text, and what information does
it contain? For that reason, I built TxtAn, a tool that will interpret
the content of a text file and display as much information as possible
once you enter the command line. For example, the command line
.\TxtAn64.exe C:\Users\My_

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This program was created due to my personal need for a tool that can analyze a text and print information about its contents within a relatively short amount of time. Therefore, my programming skills were not the focus, so the code was written as generic as possible, in case it may be used in any kind of file analysis.
It started as a program that could process a custom file or text file and provide the user with a status report. As a result, it found use with industry players, technology journalists, and average users for analytical purposes. It was used by some of them to analyze their text files for trends, daily intake, etc.
Because of its simplicity, it was used extensively and found that there was still room for improvement. Therefore, I decided to continue and to improve on this program, and a few changes were implemented, like allocating the largest number of text lines that the operating system could handle.
This is the current version and a major change that was introduced was the switch to a Windows free structure and command-line parser that does not rely on DOS. This proved to work very well and was a lot easier to use than the previous CLI programs that I had started from the start. Thus, I wanted to share the time and effort to provide a reference to this common command-line tool.
Note: I am not giving out the source code or the executables.
Help and Credits:
The help menu in this application was written by me to support my friends. Hence, I give full credit to the Help menu for its use in this application. This is the first GUI text analyzer for Windows available on the Internet.
Furthermore, I want to make it known that I wrote this program on my own and that no code or technical help from anyone else was used. Thus, I am not giving out any source code to this project.
All the graphics in this application were created by myself as well. I created all the graphics and figures for the GUI, and I wrote the Help menu. Lastly, I implemented the switch to a Windows environment.
This program was written for my personal needs, but at no time did I impose restrictions or limitations on its use. All programs use CLI as a standard and are supported by standard syntax (e.g.,.\TxtAn64.exe -r 1 -s 1 -isfl my_file.txt)
However, if this application violates any clause, it is my personal responsibility and I will accept this risk.


The TxtAn program analyzes the contents of your TXT files and gives you a simple format to display what you want to see. This program comes in a command line that you can use to analyze your files. To install, simply unzip the zip archive, go to its location, and type the appropriate executable for your machine type.

Wednesday, November 29, 2011

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The history of the Raspberry Pi
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Monday, November 20, 2011

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What’s New In?

TxtAn offers simplistic means for CLI users to analyze the contents of their TXT files, all from within the comfort of your favorite application and with reduced user input.
An open-source project and how to use TxtAn
This program is written in Pascal, and it is free of cost. Being accessible through a command line of your choice, the tool is compatible with older Windows OS versions as well. Moreover, this tool comes in a zip archive that contains two executables, for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.
Using this application can be done in several steps: first, you unzip the package. Second, you open your CLI with admin privileges, go to the location of your TxtAn executables (e.g., C:\Users\My_User\Desktop\TxtAn) and input the executable compatible with your system architecture, followed by the referencing of the text file you want to analyze. For example, the text file can be in the same folder or in a different location. You can reference it by its path, like this C:\Users\My_User\Downloads\my_file.txt.
A regular TxtAn call should look like this.\TxtAn64.exe C:\Users\APL\Desktop\my_file.txt.
What information will this tool provide for its users?
If executed correctly, this simple application provides you with information such as the number of processed files in one call, the total size of the content that has been processed, and the overall text, blank, and written (non-blank) lines that have been analyzed.
Getting help for additional methods and adding arguments
Getting help for this tool is extremely easy. As with most CLI tools, all you must do is go to the directory where the application is kept and write.\TxtAn64.exe followed by -h or –help. As a result, you will see the available methods for this program.
Additional input arguments that you could use are -r (for recurse depth customized; e.g. input a certain number for the recursive calls conducted on subdirectories), -s (displaying no details, just a summary), -isfl (ignoring symbolic links to your target files), -idsl (ignoring symbolic links to directories).

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System Requirements For TxtAn:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Dual-Core CPU
8 GB free space
1024×768 resolution
Optional: Keyboard and Mouse
Headset for Windows
How to Install
1. Install Windows of your choice.
2. Download and install WinAMP on the same computer where you want to listen to music on Windows.
3. Now download and install Desura on the same computer.
4. Now open Desura and add The Apocalypse Asylum to your list of