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This is a small, simple yet powerful utility that allows you to manage and create document templates for use with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
Unzip the entire archive and place the contents of uhook_gui.exe in the %ProgramFiles% folder (on the Program Files (x86) directory for 32-bit applications and Program Files folder for 64-bit applications) or the %ProgramFiles%\uHarc\ folder (on the %ProgramFiles%\uHarc\32-bit subfolder for 32-bit applications and %ProgramFiles%\uHarc\64-bit subfolder for 64-bit applications).
Once the program is fully installed and launched for the first time, you are greeted by the Start menu. It offers three main categories and several sub-categories:
File Types: Select the Edit menu and click Create a New Template. You will be presented with an empty New Document window, where you can name the new template.
Once a template is created, it will appear as an icon on the Windows desktop, and can be dragged to the Recent Documents tray.
Templates: This section allows you to manage all your templates, such as edit them, delete them or get a full list of them. You can even make copies, or move them to a different drive (or even a folder on a different partition).
In the Templates list, you can also click on a template name to open it in a New Document window, or just delete it in case it’s not required anymore.
Custom Lists: This category provides you with an overview of all your templates grouped by their type.
File Types: This window offers you a list of all templates that are created for a specific file type, such as Excel, Word, Power Point and Access.
More Templates: This last section displays a list of all your templates, grouped by the type of documents that they are designed for.
Note: All templates created on a computer are kept on a local disk, while templates created using the Internet option for “Save Current Template” are available only in the cloud.
It is worth mentioning that the text formatting options that appear in the text body and comments are shared across all templates, so editing them would appear in every document created using the template.
You can also use CTRL+A to select all text, open the Template Tool window (CTRL+T), go to the Edit menu and click Apply Changes

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UHARC (Urban Heat Alerts and Road Conditions) brings today’s most advanced and reliable GPS navigation systems to the simple, useful and fast working interface for the public transportation users and drivers.
UHARC offers all possible features that each GPS navigation software can provide but with their own ways. UHARC can view all of its functions from a single location in Windows and through a separate program.
The main features of UHARC are GPS, maps, search, route and turn-by-turn navigation.
What’s New:
– Add additional Emulator manufactures in the driver download section of this product. New manufacturers added are; CarPhone Wizard, CommonWare, Eznav, Intermap, TNA, Cenatec, Heiser, PCA, Navigateur, Airmodel, Navtec, CanadianLocationMap, Mobistar, Navip, NaviPointe, NaviMapUSA, NaviMap, Navigon, Navtim, Navteq, NavTraffic, NcNavi, Navicom, Navitel, Navion, Navitime, Naviti, Naviton, Navigon, Navitel, Navtim, Navteq, Navdat, Navicia, Navitel, Navvista, Navicom, NcNavi, Navip, NaviMapUSA, NaviMap, Navteq, Navvista, Naviton, Navtim, Navticom, Navitel, Navvici, Navvista, Naviton, Naviton, Navicom, Navicom, Navitime, Navici, Naviton, Navtile, Navitel, Navitime, Navitime, Navitel, Navitime, Navicom, Navimapusa, Navitel, Navimon, Navigoplus, Naviche, Navip, Navigotel, NcNavi, Naviton, NcNavi, Navimapusa, Navitel, Navimedia, Navitel, Navimapusa, Navitel, Navitaire, Naviton, Navimapusa, Navitel, Navimon, Navigon, Navimapusa, Navive, Navigotel, Navtim, Navtim, NaviPointe, Navimapusa, Navitel, Navimapusa, Navimon, Navicion, Navitel, Navimon, Navtim, Navimon, Navitel, Navitime, Nav

UHARC GUI With Product Key

UHARC was created in 1998 for the Public domain. Currently, is in version 3.7 and was translated into English, Spanish and Portuguese.
UHARC GUI is a graphical user interface for users which uses a simple text interface. Easy, direct and rapid access is given to the features in the menus of this software. Other features consist of the tools to configure and change the appearance of the interface, the hardware accelerated opening and closing of folders, the links and the many of their sub-features.
UHARC GUI has over 2,000,000 registered users, with its language support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. UHARC GUI has access through most Linux distros, the Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT, the Mac OS X and the Sun Solaris series.
UHARC GUI, does not require any hardware acceleration, since is the operation is coded in the native system. This program can operate in 32-bits and 64-bits without problems.
UHARC GUI does not require any registry changes or missing features, since is basically a dummy that handles your files, but without exposing them to the user.
It was last updated in 2001.
What is new in this version:

New language Portuguese.
New language Japanese.
New language Spanish.
New language French.
New language Dutch.
New language Chinese.
New language Korean.
New language Italian.
New language Portuguese.


What is new in official UHARC GUI version 3.7:

100% compatible with MS Windows 7

Screen (Picture) Resolution settings have been added.

*UHARC GUI screen resolution settings have been added.*

Hardware Accelerated graphics improvements.

*Hardware accelerated graphics improvements have been added.*

Minimized interface settings have been added.

*Minimized interface settings have been added.*

Other improvements.

*Other improvements.*


This program can be very well used in almost any system. The requirements for all the new versions and for the previous versions, are updated and valid in all new versions.

*Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003.*

*Language: English.*

*Screen (Picture) Resolution Settings: 640×480.*

*Minimum Requirement for MS Windows 7: CPU: 192 MHz 32-

What’s New In?

A very useful tool for checking the general status of your Windows Vista computer.
You can configure a list of your frequent items and check out what’s wrong if something goes wrong.
The tool lets you choose between checking the errors on the “System Information”, “Performance Information”, “Security”, “Windows Installer”, “Windows Error Reporting”, “Internet Security”, “Internet Explorer”, “Antivirus”, “Web Browsing”, “Graphical Settings” and “Drivers” sections.
It’s recommended to select all the options and click on the check button.
Since it’s a very easy-to-use tool, it can be used by anyone that needs a quick hint on their computer’s status.
Main Features of UHARC
Basic Help
 1. User-friendly interface
 2. System information overview
 3. Performance information overview
 4. Security information overview
 5. Error reporting in the event of system problems
 6. Windows Installer software detection.
 7. Windows error reporting software detection
 8. Graphical settings in all applications
 9. Graphical settings.
 10. Graphical settings.
 11. Graphical settings.
 12. Graphical settings.
 13. Graphical settings.
 14. Graphical settings.
 15. Graphical settings.
 16. Graphical settings.
 17. Graphical settings.
 18. Graphical settings.
 19. Graphical settings.
 20. Graphical settings.
 21. Graphical settings.
 22. Graphical settings.
 23. Graphical settings.
 24. Graphical settings.
 25. Graphical settings.
 26. Graphical settings.
 27. Graphical settings.
 28. Graphical settings.
 29. Graphical settings.
 30. Graphical settings.
 31. Graphical settings.
 32. Graphical settings.
 33. Graphical settings.
 34. Graphical settings.
 35. Graphical settings.


System Requirements For UHARC GUI:

As of the 11/12/2017, the game has had a soft date for release as of the 13/12/2017 (the day of the article being published). We have had the game tested on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 machines. The requirements for the game are as follows.
Windows 7 & 8.1 – Minimum Requirements:
– 2Gb of RAM and 12Gb of free HDD space
– DirectX 9 capable video card – AMD/NVIDIA GTX 650 and up is recommended
– 3072×2560 resolution monitor with