If you are looking for a tool that provides secure file transfer or a wide range of remote access services, VShell packs all the necessary features for dealing with such tasks.
It packs a clean and user-friendly interface that can help you access network resources and transfer data pretty quickly. VShell offers users the possibility to assign root directory access points to different users.
It is possible to automatically disconnect the file transfer sessions, provided that you have specified the time period, and you may also input the number of connections per user. The application includes a dedicated window that monitors the file transfer process, and gives information about the username, login time, IP, protocol, and sent or received bytes.
VShell also offers SSH2 support, which ensures that your data is securely transferred, and it is also able to encrypt the data by selecting from a wide range of ciphers, such as 3DES, Twofish, Blowfish, AES-128, AES-192, and AES-256.
The program can track failed authentications by IPs, and you can block the access of that address for future connections. It features dedicated filters that can help you select which hosts can connect by IP, hostname, or netmask.
VShell can generate logs that contain information about errors, warnings, connections, authentications, SFTS, and others. The log is automatically saved to the output destination.
It is also possible to configure the authentication process by limiting the number of failed attempts to a specified number, and by selecting the required authentication methods.
To sum up, VShell proves to be a decent solution for all users who need to securely transfer data and access network resources.


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VShell Torrent Download is a remote access software that allows you to login with remote hosts. You can connect to remote machines through SSH and control their desktop.
Additional Information:
Connect to remote machines through SSH Tunnel
Free (As in speech )
VShell Requirements:
Mac OS X
Additional Softwares/DLLs:
The system requirements are only required for virtualbox. If you do not have this, you can install VBox through the binary in the folder above.
Download VShell Link:
How to use VShell:
VShell has a very simple interface which is easy to navigate and use. It is divided into three sections, Open Connections, Connection List, and Connections.
Under the connection list, you can select different connections that have been opened. You can close the connections that are no longer needed by clicking on the X button in the top right corner of the window.
You can open a connection by clicking on the Load Connection icon (blue circular icon on the connection list) or create a new one by clicking on the Create New Connection button and selecting the host from which you will connect.
After setting up your connection, you can move to the Open Connections window and start working. You can switch between multiple connections by using the Full Screen button.
You can disconnect a connection by clicking on the disconnect icon (red circle on the Open Connections window) and selecting your host from the list. You can reconnect by selecting the same host and the same connection.
Connection Settings Window
After you have connected to your hosts, you may need to choose a specific connection for your current session. You can access the connection settings window by clicking on the Settings button (blue circle on the Connection List window) or selecting the desired connection.
Settings Window:
If you need to start a connection, you can find the host that you want to connect to by going into the contact list and selecting the one you would like to connect to. When your host is selected, you can select the authentication method and enter a username and password.
If you need to stop a connection, you can simply select the connection from the connection list and click on the X button. This will close the connection.
VShell is a pretty neat application for anyone that needs



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VShell is a system utility that aims to be a tool that can be used by everyone. It is a network utility that was created to provide a seamless connection between servers and computers, and to improve network connections and DNS resolution.



Program Size:

124 MB

Total Installs:



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VShell is a system utility that aims to be a tool that can be used by everyone. It is a network utility that was created to provide a seamless connection between servers and computers, and to improve network connections and DNS resolution.

VShell Description:
The internet is the biggest and most powerful source of entertainment for everyone, wherever they may be in the world. There are many ways to find content online, such as by searching the internet or by visiting the information pages of a website.
You probably have used a service to access the internet called a “Virtual Private Network” or “VPN”. A VPN is a secure way of connecting to a network, whether it is to connect to the internet at home or abroad.
A VPN can even be used to “tunnel” the internet through your ISP. VPN software can connect to numerous internet servers all over the world, so you can enjoy the internet as if you were actually connected to them, and enjoy it from any location in the world.
You need to install VPN software on a computer (or a phone) that will connect to the VPN server, and another computer (or phone) that will access the internet through that server. It is recommended to run the VPN client as a guest account, so that you are not affected by the VPN settings of other users.
The VPN software can be set to automatically connect to the VPN server at login time, but you can also connect to a server manually.
The application provides a clean and user-friendly interface for configuring the VPN settings. You can select the remote server that you want to use, change the encryption options, select time constraints, view the status of the connection, and change the folder that will be used to save the network settings, among other things.
You can also customize the connection settings by creating rules that will help you automatically connect to a VPN at specific times.
A user profile

What’s New in the VShell?

VShell is a reliable tool that helps you secure file transfer and remote control of network resources.
With VShell you can connect to remote computers, access remote file systems, open ports in firewalls, and more.
Just specify the remote computer by name, login details and IP address, and connect. VShell will show you the available information in a small window, and you can enter commands that allow you to browse the remote machine.
Over a secure shell connection you can:
1. Map network drives and files.
2. Execute tasks on the remote computer, such as copying files, opening programs, running file commands, and more.
3. Remote control the remote computer.
4. In a text mode, you can also transfer files between computers and copy files over the network.
5. Kill orphaned jobs from the remote computer.
If you want to use VShell in a secure way, you must connect to a server, and only allow you to access all the resources that are needed to run VShell. You can do this by setting the user group and assigning permissions.
By the way, VShell is a free tool, so you can use it as often as you want without restrictions.
– Hide your IP
– Access your Windows host from the Internet
– Securely transfer files and folders
– Securely control computers across the Internet
– Change file and folder permissions
– Securely pass files and folders back and forth over the Internet
– Mapping network drives
– Accessing remote file systems and printers
– Securing remote Windows host from hacking
– Securing remote Windows host from DoS attacks
– Block network ports
– Updating Windows hosts
– Securing terminals
– Securing terminals from hacking
– Remote administration
– Securing computers
– Securing computers from hacking
– Automatic security
– Displaying restricted resources
– Sending packages to Internet hosts
– P2P connections
– UDP and TCP connection sharing
– Single sign-on support
– SOCKS4/5/6 proxy support
– Whitelisting
– Blacklisting
– Creating the firewall
– Port forwarding
– Strong encryption
– WINS authentication
– Network discovery
– Network proxy support
– DNS name resolution
– SSH2 support
– SMTP and POP3 services
– Directories support
– Certificate files support
– Time signature support
– User management
– Lock users and passwords
– Remote system file

System Requirements For VShell:

A PC with Windows 7/8.1, 10 or Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 (64-bit) operating system.
4GB of RAM.
3.4 GHz processor (processor speed).
Dual-layer DVD drive or Blu-ray Disc drive.
2.5 GB available hard disk space.
Sound card with a minimum of 24-bit sound (stereo) and 2.0-channel output.
Internet access required to install the game and download updates.
The latest game update, 1.12