Do you want to buy artificial palm trees to add value to your home decor? Here is a short guide for you to purchase the perfect palm tree for your house. This article will share tips for buying the best indoor and outdoor artificial palm. So, keep reading this article if you want to learn more.

There are wide varieties of artificial palm trees available in the market. You can choose according to your requirements and preference. Indoor palm trees and outdoor artificial palm trees have unique features.

Factors to Consider While Buying An Artificial Palm Tree

While purchasing an artificial palm tree, you must consider several factors. We have put together the four important factors you need to check when choosing an ideal artificial palm tree.

1- Size and Weight

The first thing to check is the size of the palm tree. Analyze the place where you want to place the tree. Measure the size of that particular area.

Outdoor artificial palm trees are available in a range of 2 feet to 25 feet. And obviously, the bigger the tree’s size, the more its weight would be. You need to choose the size which perfectly fits the available space for your landscaping project.

2- Species of Palm Trees

There are more than 2500 species naturally exists of palm trees. However, not all species are available in synthetic form. But, still, some elegant and natural-looking varieties of artificial palm trees can create a peaceful and relaxing environment.

The popular species of palm trees include banana palm, date palm, bamboo palm, phoenix palm, Sago palm, etc. Choose the one which fits your likeliness and requirements the most.

3- Price and Budget

Another important factor while choosing anything is its price. Palm trees are also available at a wide range of prices. You can find high-quality, naturally-looking palm trees, but they may be out of your budget.

So, determine how much you can spend on the decorative palm tree and then narrow down your search according to the specified budget. You can get an artificial palm tree at a reasonable price from the wholesale market or the seasonal sale.

4- Leaves Material

The leaves of artificial palm trees are usually made of silk or plastic. While purchasing an artificial palm tree, check if the material of the leaves is UV-resistant or not.

Anti-UV leaves are fade resistant and look real for extended periods. So, you don’t need to think about color fading from harsh sunlight, water, wind, or snow.

Final Verdict 

An artificial palm tree is a fantastic alternative to real palm trees that can make your landscape project relaxing and eye-catching. Artificial palm trees are available in a variety of colors and species from which you can choose according to your requirements.


While buying an artificial palm tree, you must consider several factors, including size and weight, price and budget, species of palm trees, and leaf material.