Deciding which preschool to select is an overwhelming experience for the parents. The questions like “where will my kid perform the best?”, “Which school will provide enormous opportunities for my kid” can drown the parents in deep thoughts and confusion? 

Let’s end the confusion by saying there are two methods of teaching the kids- the traditional method and Montessori school education. Let’s evaluate both of them.

What is a Montessori school?

Dr Maria Montessori developed a Montessori school education philosophy in Italy. In her school, she deliberately eschewed traditional teaching methods and created an environment where children learn at their own pace through the play-way method.

How is Singapore school with Montessori education different from traditional preschool?

  1. The teacher serves as a guide in Montessori school education

Singapore school with Montessori education is far more different from traditional education. In the former, the teacher will lead the child and make them learn at their own pace. The peer group activities are emphasised. The teacher will strive to improve their fine motor skills and sensory learning using blocks, shapes and dimensions. The education aims to

– Develop innate curiosity among the children.

– Find out lessons that are fit for them

– Make them learn how to use different materials independently.

On the other hand, in traditional preschool, the teacher serves as a central figure. She determines the children’s activities, schedules it, and ensures that everyone participates in and meets the guidelines mentioned in their curriculum. 

  1. Mixed-age group 

Another feature that distinguishes Singapore school Montessori education is that children from different age groups are part of the class, which encourages peer learning and helps them build social skills. While in a traditional classroom, there are specific criteria, and the children of a particular age group are enrolled in a specific class. 

  1. Active learning in Singapore school

The teacher is pivotal in a traditional classroom, and the children learn through passive talk. Conversely, children are active learners in Montessori Singapore school and participate in different projects and activities. 

  1. The classroom setting

The traditional preschool classroom has brightly coloured walls, posters, decorations, colourful rugs, tables, and chairs. A child has easy access to blocks, puzzles, etc. However, a Montessori classroom setting will be different. The classroom will be divided into practical life, sensorial, language, culture, and art. There will be a nook devoted to reading. There will be muted tones and less colour or decorations, so the classroom looks peaceful.


You will not see plastic materials in Singapore school Montessori classrooms; they use wood, jute, and other natural materials.

Which one to select?

The answer depends upon several factors, for example, 

If you want 

  • Overall development,
  • Inculcate self-learning
  • To make them active learners

Enrol your child in a school Montessori education if you want your kid

  • To become a passive learner
  • To excel in academics only

Traditional schools are the best.

We can conclude that Montessori school education is the best because it focuses on students’ intellectual, social and emotional skills.