Carrying with you all the applications that are necessary in order to browse the web, manage files, view and edit documents or play multimedia files is not too difficult nowadays.
This is possible mainly because there are numerous freebies that are suited for such purposes and since many of those come in portable flavors as well, placing all of them into a single bundle, like winPenPack Flash Web seems to be a good idea.
Lengthy setup for an all-inclusive set of software solutions
This suite of apps is fully loaded with everything you would need, from codecs, runtimes needed to deploy certain types of programs, document handling tools, multimedia players, editors, file management utilities and a lot more.
Getting the entire collection onto a portable storage device may take a while, chiefly because of the large size of the archive, which means that unpacking everything inside could be a time-consuming task.
Well organized layout for quick access
Once everything is unwrapped and ready for use, using the dedicated launcher you can start the main menu that hosts all the applications included in winPenPack Flash Web.
The contained software is neatly structured in such a manner that everything can be found with a couple of clicks, thanks to the tree-like structure of the categories that hold all the apps. There is even a built-in search function that helps to identify the appropriate tool for a specific job.
For those worried about missing updates of their preferred utilities, winPenPack Flash Web has a dedicated Upgrade Manager that will keep you posted about new releases for the programs that are part of the suite.
One pack to rule them all
The multitude of applications that are gathered under the same roof is impressive, but there are some areas that could have been covered better in terms of available software solutions. It may take a long time to extract everything from the archive and make ready for use, but, overall, the advantages of winPenPack Flash Web can make that worthwhile.







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winPenPack is the top professional flash player. It can play many different flash formats. It can play most of those videos posted on websites such as,, and others. It has a very user-friendly interface.
★ Install as a ActiveX Component
winPenPack can be installed as an ActiveX component on the Microsoft website. There is a file of the.dll file (usually called flash.dll) that has to be downloaded from the website. The file you receive from the website has the ability to be directly installed on any Windows system. It doesn’t require any additional software, so you don’t need any additional libraries or other software. It also doesn’t require any additional permissions.
★ Install from WinpenPack Downloader
winPenPack includes a special file called downloader. It is a very convenient way to install winPenPack on any system. You don’t need to do anything special to use this method. Just double-click the file and it will start to install the flash player without any errors or other issues.
★ Run from the command line
The winPenPack flash player can be run from a Windows command line. This is very useful if you want to run it on other computers or if you want to debug an issue with the player. This file has to be run directly from the command line.
★ Run in a Startup/Autostart
The winPenPack flash player can be run in a Windows startup/autostart. You don’t need to worry about manually starting or stopping the player because it is started automatically. It is started by the same software that starts the Internet Explorer browser.
★★★ Requirements:
winPenPack is a 32-bit application. It can be used on a computer where Microsoft Windows XP or later is installed.
Windows Flash Player version or later is required for video playback.
winPenPack is designed for a Microsoft Windows OS. It works well on Windows 7, 8 and 10.
winPenPack does not work in Linux or Mac systems.
★★★ Download for free:
winPenPack is a free program. The download is available in a single package. You don’t need to download everything separately and install the software.
Get winPenPack:
winPenPack is a free download. You can download winPenPack from the official site of win

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winPenPack Flash Web is a multi-platform Windows software that includes all-in-one applications for browsing the web, file editing and multimedia file playback.
This app will take care of your basic needs when it comes to surfing the web and managing your computer tasks, while incorporating top-notch multimedia tools to play your favorite movies and music on a variety of devices. If you are not happy with the system media player, you can try winPenPack MP3, which will take care of all the basic audio file playback needs. If you want to remove unwanted sounds that may pop up in certain video files, you can try winPenPack Video Remover.


Follow the on-screen instructions. If the installation finishes successfully, the setup process is ready to proceed with the control panel.

Control Panel:

The control panel is accessed by double-clicking the winPenPack Web icon in your Programs and Features folder or run Control Panel. In Control Panel, you can find a link to winPenPack Web manager. You also have the option to install it without administration rights.


Stop the service

Click Start, click Control Panel and then double-click Administrative Tools.

In the Windows Task Manager, click Services to stop the service.

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32 and delete the following files: winpenpackflashwebwinpenpackflashwebexeRUNNING.exe

Restart computer

Click Start and then press the F10 key on your keyboard.

In the Startup tab, select Restart and then click OK.

Use the built-in search to locate the winPenPack Web program in your Programs and Features folder and press the Delete key to remove the program.

Start the service

Select the WinPenPack Web app from the startup tab and then click OK.

In the Accessibility tab, click Enable. In the Options dialog box, select Do not show this warning again.

The program runs on Windows XP and later versions.

Known limitations

How to get winPenPack

There are two ways you can get winPenPack. First, you can download winPenPack web file directly from the winPenPack web site. But, another alternative would be to grab the winPenPack installer file.

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WinPenPack [Win/Mac]

A guide to help you setup a web server, an ftp server, a full-featured mail server, an m3u-playlist editor and a word processor, all wrapped in a single package! You do not need to go back to installing each of these programs one-by-one, to use them with the SMTP or POP3 services supported by your ISP, or to create an account on the web for managing your email.
If you want to find out more about winPenPack, visit the WinPenPack website or download it for free from Softonic.


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What’s New In WinPenPack?

winPenPack offers portable convenience to everyone, anytime anywhere, by organizing windows applications into a single archive.
At home, at school or work, winPenPack can fit your needs, whether you are a beginner or a power user, by providing you with a handy set of windows applications.
Currently, winPenPack consists of the following applications:
– mp3tag
– all-in-one-pdf
– dibbuk
– dvi2html
– ggogle
– harmony
– media player
– oracle java updater
– quicken
– shockwave
– tracker
– web browser
– xhtml
– winwap
– winzip
– xpdf
– my disolver
– visual discxpress
The WinPacker is fully compatible with all Windows operating systems – from Windows NT to Windows 7.
WinPacker can pack up to 95 applications into one archive. It can put windows applications in a single archive. Just add many applications and grab them quickly on a USB drive.

WinPenPack Description:
The WinPenPack is a collection of Windows applications. It is intended to be a convenient and safe way to organize your Windows applications.
Contents Include:
– JPEG Packer
– Vector Image Processor
– QuickFire
– OpenGL
– WinPenPack 1.1.0
– WinPenPack 1.0.0

WinPenPack Description:
At home, at school or work, winPenPack can fit your needs, whether you are a beginner or a power user, by providing you with a handy set of windows applications.
Currently, winPenPack consists of the following applications:
– softPerfect File Manager
– Smart Graphics (browsing & editing of DVI, DWG, DWF, EMF, and DWG/DXF files)
– PClip (CAD program)
– PortTrail (Windows monitoring and security utility)
– PKG Archiver (Backup, restore, sharing, compression)
– PKG Viewer (Download manager, viewer, open)
– PKG Updater (Readme manager, update files)
– PKG Zip (Backup, restore, unzipper)
– PKG WinZip (Backup, restore, unzipper)
– PKG WinWAP (Backup, restore, wireless, LAN ad, digi, phone )

System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
HDD: 25 GB
SOUND: Realtek High Definition Audio (AC97)
E-MAIL: [email protected]
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